Freedom is what you are – mind is idle

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Hungarian version: A szabadság, mely mi magunk vagyunk – az elme tétlen

The presence and play of emotions are not a measure of the pure beingness you are. We are one with the natural flow of manifestation, with the natural dance. It can appears in these bodies. Without identifying with personal memory, all the noise of conditioning dissolves. But the mind is confused, because it is trying to get, to understand, to have the feeling ’I know and I understand everything’. But what about, if we don’t use our mind? It is seems like experienced as difficult because you cannot get the notion out of your mind that you are bound. How can the mind understand total simplicity when its nature is to make complex what is already natural? – freedom, mind is idle

The self-enquiry

Self-enquiry is the mirror in which the beingness recognises itself. It is not your body only, not who you think you are or who others say you are… Your Self is not an object, how can the mind find or reach that which is not an object? A thought is as much an object of perception as any material thing is, and so are feelings, images, memories and sensations. So, all phenomena are objects. But where is the world without you, because you are aware of anything that appears in front of you? You are the root and source of every experience. Is there any experience without you?

We don’t want to meet the truth – mind is idle

We can say about truth, but the people are searching for fulfilment of their projections. The freedom kills the conditioned mind, so it doesn’t want freedom at all. For truth you have to leave aside and undress yourself of all your projections, concepts and you do not pick up new ones… The discovery of your own Self is direct and instantaneous. What is the essence of that which you call yourself? There is no distance to cover to be and to know the Self…How paradoxical, that finding out who you are in truth seems so hard. Everybody has experienced peace, happiness at sime time, but it never remained. And we put so much energy to keep the wheel of positive thinking. But if you rest for only a short time, then it starts to regress. Where is who pedalling the wheel? Can you find this one?

You do not see the world really as it is. We see the world as our conditioning allows us to perceive it. Where are your fears? Where is your desire? The thought of yourself is under attack from other thoughts, all generated from your mind. The mind can’t be added onto beingness nor taken away from. The beingness is perfect as it is. Why should we have to change? Stop creating or holding an image of yourself. There is nothing you need to do to be.

Can you see everything is thought and not the reality? – Freedom

Do not search for anything through what you think you know… But your education maybe won’t support this. You should leave everything alone and be alone. And there will be something that cannot be left aside… We can see that everything is thought and not the reality. Thoughts can’t exist without you. We are the witness of them… Discover what will and does not leave you.

The Self that you are is not affected by activity of mind or body. Awareness is neither personal nor impersonal… It has no location. You are one with awareness, but you aren’t someone’s father or mother or someone’s child etc. Every sensation, every mood, thoughts of mind is only a wave on the surface.


Attila Cross

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