The truth cannot be spoken, it must be discovered individually

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Hungarian version: Az igazság elmondhatatlan, mely csak egyénileg fedezhető fel. Az elménk egy nagyon hatásos eszköz, de miért kell felülmúlnunk?

The truth cannot be spoken, but we can experience it

All messages are filtered and censored by our ego, for self-protection. We are derived from one common source so I am not saying anything original. The decision of who I am and what my intentions may be is, of course, entirely up to you. The problem is that what I know is not logical, but existential. But how can this be explained? For example I heard you cry out in pain, I don’t feel the same… Only you do. You love your son or husband, wife and so on, you tell me. I can’t feel your love, but just hear your words. So, we can read the Bible, we can read the Bhagavad-gita, but we can’t understand them. Or we can read the Koran or Gita and conclude that killing is ok, because we can’t kill a soul… – our mind is a powerful tool, the truth cannot be spoken

The sages can’t use their silence with us, they must use words, and their words will be misunderstood. We live in words not in the reality… Mind is so full of words that there is no room for anything else. And the words are misleading. The word is never an experience. The sage wants to transform us, to give us a new experience, but all we hear are words. What should we do? We don’t know how to listen… It is not our fault, the ego is an evolutionary necessity.

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The sage don’t know anything. Empty his mind. You were probably taught that God is all-knowing. If this is so, why did he need to create the Universe? He is mostly all mistery. What about, if we part of God and it’s up to you what direction you take, ascent or descent, destruction or creation. In meditation you simply give the mind a rest. Because, it needs it. Our mind carries all our attachment, all our suffering, all our pains and when the mind is tired, you are depressed, and nothing seems right. To become enlightened you must leave the mind at the door.


Our head are heavy

The ego can never get rid of itself… It would be like lifting yourself by your own hair. Our head are heavy, carrying the whole past, imaginations, fear of old age, overpopulation etc., not to mention all our worries about the future. How can you find yourself (Self) in all that mind noise, in all that mess? Why are we here, only to suffer? Existence is timeless and limitless, and we have only a limited time and a limited mind. The mind is thinking machine, it cannot help… despite it is the most complex of all created system.


Our mind is a powerful tool

Not the mind should dictates the tempo, it is just a tool. A useful tool. The beingness includes the mind but the mind can’t include the beingness. The ego is the only block on our path. So, we must find our center, if we don’t want to be a machine. Unfortunately we identify with our mind, and we say: ’I think, therefore I am.’ And if we did tell all our thoughts, somebody might call an ambulance… We can see that for individuality, there is no fixed model, no fixed pattern of behaviour, no fixed morality.

A wise man never mistakes his thoughts for his being. Without the ego, thoughts have no significance, no importance and no foundation. They just come and go. We only watch them. Study the various techniques of meditation, and find one that is most suitable for your particular need. Go and find it.


Attila Cross

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