What you are looking for is already where you are looking from

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Hungarian version: Amit keresünk az már az, ahonnan keresünk – hogyan kezeljük a gondolatokat, békét és ne háborút

There is nothing to be gained by it and nothing to be lost – how to handle the thought

Let the thought be there, do not even try to push it away. Pure thought is weightless… When the thoughts appear, we exercise the power to recognise that we are just the watching. All the beings are addicted to the taste of experiencing: the promise, the drama, the tension etc. The sages enjoy more purely; without attachment, without addiction… They enjoy the world, but they don’t suffer it. There is nothing to be gained by it and nothing to be lost – how to handle the thought, make peace not war

„I would like to stop it and feel the happiness!” „This wanting it to stop is what is caising the trouble.” Fighting it only exaggerates the discomfort. We fear of the loss of control and loss of identity etc., but they derive power through our attention. We support them… The apparent gap between ourself and reality is only the distance of a concept. Why are we holding on? And who is holding on? And effort is needed to pursue everything other than what the reality… It doesn’t need to do any spiritual gymnastics to be itself if we would like to meet reality. Who would like to meet the reality? We should find out. For example if we feel sadness, we are aware of sadness. Don’t identify with it, just watch it! Just watching yourself in objective way. Let go as much as the calling allows you, into a deeper place of understanding.

Life holds you – make peace not war

We have to free of suffering, free of doubt and free of fear… Align yourself with truth and life aligns itself with you. Throw it everything, every thoughts. What remains? Do not enter any movement at all.Where do we need to go? The truth, reality has always been here. And it has been here more immediate than any thought. And that which watches mind’s expectation is beyond expectation.

Wherever we go, we are never outside of the self. And when no mind (questions, thoughts etc.) are left, peace remains. It is before words… The ’I’ create the world of duality and then fear and incompleteness are welcomed. When free of the need to judge or identify, no energy leaks out of the senses. Only peace remains. We do not want anything, so we are free! This is the natural silence, peace. But the mind always wants to do something… We are already! We can’t improve it. Peace beyond happiness and sadness. It is a wordless place. But sometimes one of us stumbles out and goes back in again. Where I am, I am still. Our beingness is totally peace and silent. But if we stay in the realm of the mind, we will never land in the realm of our own being completely.

Don’t fix your life

We only must get rid of ’I’. Then peace will manifest. Where there is an ’I’ there is time and trouble… The ’I’ is the cause of our troubles. The personal ’I’ that we are bound to suffer. We shouldn’t fix our life. We should find this ’I’ and see what happenes. The people rooted in the idea that ’I’m a person and you are a person. But what good is the past? Nobady eats yesterday’s food. The presence is so fresh… This is the reality. We don’t need history. We are identifying with something that doesn’t endure…



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