Advaita philosophy: don’t need to go anywhere, just remain as you are

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Hungarian version: Advaita filozófia: nincs szükségünk arra, hogy bárhová elmenjünk, csak maradjunk azok, akik vagyunk

Remain as you are – advaita philosophy

The natural state of mind is to be silent, open. Everything is happening in silence, but we don’t need to practise silence. Remain as the Self. Another way is to ignore each thought as it appears. Gradually, the thought, emotion activity will fall away and only the Self will remain. ’I am’ means ’I exist’. The ’I am’ must be there before any knowing and perception can be. Just allow this pointer to happen inwardly and see. What is the Self? The beingness… No one can catch it. All that is perceivable, all that is knowable, must appear in front of you, but you must be earlier. This is what observing means. The apparent distance between yourself and the Self, is only the thought… – advaita philosophy, don’t need to go anywhere, remain as you are

Don’t need to go anywhere

If you are the Self, there will be no more fear. So, don’t give any image to it, remain in this image-less… You don’t need to go anywhere. The Self that you are, is already here. It cannot come and it cannot go. What is being shared is not a teaching, it is only a reminder…Nobody can achieve it. It is not an object. You cannot achieve ’being still’. As long as your attention is rooted in the mind, this conviction will not be full. But unfortunatelly you beleive in your mind, maybe it has some thoughts about this article.

Most people think that observing the mind means simply paying attention to the various activities appering in the mind. But the good advices is to remain detached in the state of witnessing. We shouldn’t identify with our mind. Not just watch the activity, observe the inner reaction to the activity. The next step is to ask, where is the one who is identified? And an apparent block is only another thought. We shouldn’t accept this thought. We should recognise the silence, untouchable place… It is not a behaviour, not an object.

Whatever you carried here with you, leave it. There isn’t life and you, but we are the life. So, we don’t say life is looking after us… There is no gap between the unfolding of life and what you are. The mind is functioning like an inner journalist, and it say: ’this is my life.’ But any report it writes will always be past… So, you are not the active part, you are the passive seer, and an image of the life – like a thought -, never the life itself.


Things are just falling away

When life is kind enough to take everything from you, abundance in every way can come. If we have a problem our mind is afraid to taste discomfort and will try to put obstacles in the way. It will put philosophy in front of you… And something is identifying itself with the body and that we call ’ourselves’. And we say: ’I’m doing this or that…’. But who is the I? The pure witness is beyond the mind. The mind arises within the pure witness. But it is impossible for ’you’ to become established in it. It is just a thought, a part of mind. A thought cannot make effort to become ’no-thought’. We are that, this understanding and recognition must be firmly established within…

Bring the attention back to that which is aware of these thoughts. And remain only as the awareness itself. Do you find that you are waiting for what happens next? Do not identify with the seen. There is no entity to reach, you are already that. See from silence, beingness. But there is an ’I’ which arises from the mind and it always needs something. Find out who you are, right now, without the help of your mind! The highest space, the Self is enjoying itself, we don’t need an object, a goal, a concept, or a relationship. This joy is not about something, is the joy of the free. The inherent joy never passes. Unbroken joy.


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