The psychology of war, aggression, ego, ambition and dictatorship


Hungarian version: A háború, agresszió, ego, ambíció és diktatúra pszichológiája

Ego psychology of dictatorship and ambition psychology

Energy can solidify into iron egos, with blind, endless ambitions like Stalin, Hitler etc. But, we equate energy with will, and say they have a strong will, a strong ego. These people die miserably because endless ambitions can never be satisfied, like a mania. There the ideas are fixed and solid, and there is no room for movement.

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Creative intelligence is dead. But the energy can flow another way. Everyone can ascend beyond the limits and search for freedom, but if the energy only goes to the head and stops there, although one may become very smart, very knowledgeable… it is nothing. To transcend the limits of the mind, the energy must go above the head and that is beyond human will and comprehension. Ambitions are, in fact, a society’s idea of human perfection, no matter how trivial and useless they are…


The psychology of war and aggression

What is war? A much better question would be: What is aggression? A tool of evolution? Is aggression necessary? Can I transcend my own aggressivw tendencies? Yes, we can but only if we transcend ourselves. There is no other way. Nature doesn’t ask questions, if aggression is there, then it is necessary. The male must do combat for his females, that way, only the strongest and cleverest male leaves his progeny and thereby the species gets stronger and smarter.

All the civil wars, terrorism, overpopulation, pollution etc. wouldn’r arise, if humans were conscious. But this is the very topic nobody dares to tackle. Too remote, too abstract.
In general, there is a natural balance between its aggressive tendencies and its ability to rest and replenish in the nature. We humans are an eminently successful species. In spite of constant wars, pestilence, mass starvation, natural cataclysms etc., our species is the seven billion mark. We are stronger, smarter and more aggressive than any other species and yet, quite possibly, near extinction.

The females must be aggressive as well, for example in hunting situation (among lions, the females do most of the hunting), or to protect their offspring from predators (and often from their own mate), or when their status within the group is being threatened. Animals, as well as humans, have a strong and well-defined status quo, as hierarchies are innate in both. The alphas are the group leaders. They are stronger and smarter than the rest. In a human situation, they are also more cunning.

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In large groups, after the prominent males the alpha female eats first and therefore the best of what is available and her offspring will be alphas too, the future leaders of the group. The alphas are better protected and more likely to survive in danger and against predators. Thus the weak and the old are culled.

Such a pecking order creates a certain well-defined stability that wouldn’t work without limited aggression, bringing about a milieu wherein all members know their proper place. Human society, of course, is also a hierarchy, rather similar to flocks of chickens, packs of feral dogs, or any other group.Such a pecking order creates a certain well-defined stability that wouldn’t work without limited aggression, bringing about a milieu wherein all members know their proper place. Human society, of course, is also a hierarchy, rather similar to flocks of chickens, or packs of feral dogs, or any other group.

Nature’s solutions, as we said, are pragmatic. All others considerations (including democracy) are the product of the human mind. Nature is neither cruel, nor benign, no fair. Nature IS. It is a law unto itself. Good, bad, passive, aggressive and so on, are manmade concepts, sometimes useful and practical but limited in scope, for they must conform to accepted ideas and to social standards. However nature is not a concept nor an idea… but rather the whole Reality. Nature or Reality, beingness has its own intelligence, of course, eternal and encompassing all, hence beyond our limited understanding.

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