What is war, aggression?

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Hungarian version: Mi a háború és az agresszió?

The human ego is the ’instinct for self-preservation’… in its perverted form: check this out for example our children. They say: ’This is mine!’ ’I want that!’ etc. It is our nature. This is the ego. But there are people on a higher level of their evolution… As long as we are animals, we are going to remain aggressive. I think these aggressive tendencies are not removed by being suppressed by social structures, or by the law. Why do we watch action horror films, thrillers? We love it.

We have inherent violence, therefore, we will use it. It’s not enough if someone says, ’Your anger is not justified, madam/sir, just drop it, please relax.’ The relief must take a physical form to release the energy, to release the pent-up aggression. There is a dynamic meditation for example which can help you.

Sometimes we live as an animal, but besides we humans have a memory, hence we can store our violence. Your great-grandfather was wronged and now you avenge it on the great grandson, a hundred years later. We have fought wars for millions of reasons… We’ve always had wars and when we weren’t actually engaged in one, we were getting ready for a new one. How can we be peaceful, happy if that is not in our nature? Now, are you at peace? Or do I irritate you?

We maintain large armies, developing weapons and spending billions on defense. I wonder about politicians dreams. What would politicians do with our energy? Make some more money on oil? And what would be the peace and happiness? All we should knowabout the senselessness of wars… And conflicts can go on and on because our very nature is conflict.

And don’t forget, a good fight is exhilarating. In ordinary life nothing compares to the ’rush’ of wars, the rush of physical danger. The aggressive beast can emerge from hiding… Buried with solemnity and pomp. A hero. His mother will get a folded flag. Without fighting, life is just a bore. Peace is bore… We need to do meditation and self-enquiry, it can change our mind, our life…


Attila Cross

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