The world is not what you think it is, words arising from truth

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Hungarian version: A világ nem az, amit gondolunk róla, a szavak az igazságból merülnek fel – veszítsük el az elménket, a létezés természetes állapota örömteli, legyen meg a te akaratod

Stop identifying with your mind’s play – lose your mind

You are the imageless seer. If there is an image betwen you and the beingness, just reject it. Why strive to be when we can simply be ourselfves? Interesting, but it takes time to be established in the beingness. The renouncer can only be the mind, you should vanish… If you can embrace the universe, there is nothing you need to do. You will not what you are not…- our natural state of being is joy, lose your mind, let your will be done

Being here is just an invitation to rest as being… Do not read any experience as a measure of yourself. We should feel the ’I am’ like this: When you can bear your own emptiness you are free – what is reality, Be still to know that I am God, you are that, I am meaning, simple meditation Without this ’I’ nothing else is… Stay with the ’I am’ and it is washing away all concepts, feelings. All beings are appearing in you and you are in them… When you just observe everything, nothing is affecting you. Give it a change.

What you are is not altered by any condition – our natural state

Leave your self alone. Beingness, God, consciousness, Self are one. All rivers enter the ocean… Mind does not think, just the Self identify with it… These are dead, inert ideas, thoughts… Mind can’t hide your beingness, only carry attention away from the beingness. The mind says: ’I must trust existence’, but the beingness is always everywhere and doesn’t belong to education… Knowing nothing, one surpasses knowledge… Awareness doesn’t need understanding… Whatever comes, don’t push away. Do not hold on to the sense of the person who must do something. Why have you been dreaming you need to be something more? And when the personal doer is absent, God appears. Your being is infinite, but this world appears through the mind… You should be by only observing without identifying. The Self is not busy, life is not an achievement and it is beyond knowledge. Why do we talk so much about our thoughts, feelings, they aren’t real… The beingness is that in which even space is perceived, so you don’t need fear in the body, just do not keep the attention there. The ego mind is kept alive by memory…

Let your will be done

Go your own way in peace, but remember mind is the realm of illusions. When you identify with the thoughts, emotions (mind) you will be an individual being, and you drift about in a world of limitation. Mind should be left… Do not fight. Be empty! You know, that’s why Jesus said: let your will be done. Holding your attention inside the silence and beingness even the world becomes the unmanifest. The God is the beingness and he can decide in a good way we cannot… ’I’ is nothing but thought and if there is an ’I’ who can get it?

This is a mortal body, but an immortal being dwells in it. If you do not think emotions, thoughts are a problem, then thoughts, emotions aren’t a problem… You can discover yourself, you aren’t here to fix the world. Let life unfold in silent equanimity. Could anything be perceived were you not conscious? Only the ego is concerned with giving the correct answer. The beingness is eternal, it doesn’t happen… This form is my device for contemplating beingness…


Attila Cross

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