Just be present and open

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Csak jelen és nyitottnak lenni – hindu meditációs technikák és az igazság keresése, szabadság

The one who is truly free does not proclaim, ’I’m free’ – freedom

Do not form premature conclusions. And do nothing and stop managing yourself. You should know yourself completely, but the mind can’t guide your real Self and your private world, a projection of your psyche, is birthed every moment… What mighty power is the no-thing… Seeing beyond spiritual practise, meditation into what is effortless and natural… Without belief, mind doesn’t exists – hindu meditate, hindu meditation techniques, seek for the truth, freedom


Seek for the truth – it is not you it is an image

You place your attention, your efforts, into becoming the best somebody you can be. But, we should enjoy the life as a gift… What about if you say: ’I am not anything that appears.’ Your image is as ephemeral as the play of light dancing on the surface of water. You should leave mind as open space… And who said: ’I couldn’t find myself?’ It is just a thought, stay centered as the uninvolved observer, like this: Easy ’happiness-method’ which can be used in any situation – east-west psychology, psychology today, happiness methods We suffers not so much from the concrete world, but from mental noise, these are images… Not the reality. So beyond all imaginings and the thinking mind is the reality, that which you truly are. That’s why you are so one with yourself that you can’t perceive yourself. But, we carry around so many memories and concepts in the mind… . .


You are already what you seek

Experiencing is pure, when the experiencer is the Self. You must dive inside your own beingness, because you can’t discover the Self by studing lectures, books etc… You know, Krishnamurti said: ’You are beginning to learn something which you can’t learn from a book. Why do you want to learning the life from books?’ Besides, don’t make the mistake of regarding those who criticise others… Let the mind be there but don’t have a mind… In front of beingness, the mind is performing and somehow attention goes there. Wash your mind of the sense of doership and remain as effortless joy. When you think you know something, pride and argumentativeness can be your emission. Grace doesn’t serve the ego, but it strengthens us to be free from ego’s influence.


It does not matter what your mind thinks. All thoughts are guests. And it is not important what you are looking at, but where you are looking from… Leave everything aside in order to recognise who you are when you do not turn to what is next. We should be to remain quiet and neutral inside our own being. And what you believe becomes your experience, you know, the Bible said: let it be your beliefs. You’re the witness of time, not the victim of time…


Hindu meditation (meditate) techniques – simply be the Self

A concept believed in, can eclipse the intuitive recognition of the beingness. The sages are knowing everything begins and ends in zero, they have nothing to gain or lose from this world. You have to be free of the ego, but you want to be free as the ego. And nothing is greater than everything and your Self is timeless. Without interest there is no registration, you can feel nothing happens… Everything is only the mind’s play to cheat you out of peace you already are. You can’t lose yourself, what can be lost is your way of thinking about yourself. This is the mind… Personal identity is the very pollution of mind. You’re the witness, recall this. Go beyond all modifications of mind.



Attila Cross

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