The mind can do is to explore its own limits and see what really is

 In seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Az elme annyit tehet, hogy felfedezi saját korlátjait és meglátja mi a realitás valójában


Nothing arises without Self, consciousness

The mind is just a current thought, there isn’t mind. A thought cannot do anything or explore anything. Just give up your desire for any object and any thoughts, any person. Everything is belongs to past.  Everything what you say now is belongs to past. Can you notice this?

And besides, the language is dualistic (the mind created it), so we cannot describe the truth with it. Do you want to search with your mind if you see it?

You just seat with silence and if you have a question doubt you can ask a teacher and everything will be clear. When you don’t think you are free. Silence is the very teaching. The real guru doesn’t teach by words, because by words the reality can’t be conveyed.

The teacher remove your doubts. A doubt is like a cloud which in front of the sun. And when you feel the peace, only you disturb it. What you speak is what is in your mind, so you should keep quiet.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t speak, it means that you don’t identify with your mind. Thoughts and body are limited and the words too.

Consciousness can’t define itself within the limits of mind. And how could we be conscious of something beyond consciousness, because it can be required for every experience? You can’t experience anything without consciousness.

So, how can we say that anything is exists outside consciousness? The mind is an object and it is itself known by consciousness. So, consciousness can’t be described by the mind. We can’t put the house into the that glass which glass is also in the house.

If we haven’t personal experience of consciousness why do we think that the consciousness is within us and it is different way appear in one or another person?  Do the investigation and it will be a conviction not a beleif and it becomes deeper and deeper.


We can’t experience the body and the world

We just experience thoughts, feelings, perceiving and sensing. You have no evidence that world outside our perception of it. You don’t perceive a world out there. You have the process only of eternal perceptions which appear in the consciousness. The perceiving is always changing, despite we are constance.

Every form will pass away and the consciousness is formless. You are already. Leave beside the forms and see what is left, what is eternal. All things, object what you will find is temporary because everything is comes and goes. But what is eternal which you don’t have to create?


Don’t think anything because every thought is of the past

This is already here you don’t have to receive it. You always want to do something that remains the doer.

You are live in a house or flat. It built in the space. The space means consciousness which is a metaphore. The space is present, existence before the building was constructed and it will be present after it will demolished. The consciousness the same way. And it is what we are.

The meditation is not what we do, but what we are. Therefore we cannot be attained, because it is what we really are. You just allow everything to be as it is.

The consciousness is beyond the time, so it isn’t the ’I’ it is just ’am’. The world the body, mind are experienced, therefore I can’t be that which experiences. The world is known, but it can’t be the knower. It can’t be that which knows and the body, mind are also known…. It can’t be that which knows.

’Am’ is knowing, but not a knowing of something, it is pure knowingness. The mind doesn’t find reality, butit is dissolved in it. This is the real experience of knowing.


The silence doesn’t depend on anything which is temporary

We believe our thoughts, concepts and it makes trouble for us. Stay attached to what you cannot see, because reality is one, there aren’t two realities. Therefore ’other’ is based on you.

Forget yourself which means stop identifying with body-mind. It can solve your all problems. Do not pick up any concept of separate personalities, just see what is here now. That which remains you can’t speak of, because one who has tasted it can’t speak, and one who speaks has not tasted it.

The beingness is independent of the taster. You don’t need any effort, just convince yourself that you are here. Meditation is not an activity, it is the cessation of activity.

The meditation is not something what we do. The consciousness is free without knowing, there isn’t separation, but when you identify with your thoughts a personality, the world appears as ’outside’ and ’other’. It will be a limited fragment of consciousness…

The consciousness beleives itself to be a fragment, to be limited and to appear in time and space with the world, because in fact that everything is the consciousness.


’I am’ the experiencing in every experience

Ego is not an entity it means ’I’ which is also the consciousness, a mode of functioning. If ’I’ is experiencing and if the world is made of your experiencing of the world then ’I’ and the world, the object are one. In this way birth: I and you, you and the world.

But, where is the independent entity? It just a thought which we didn’t investigate it.

Consciousness is your own reality and it is of all appearances. It precedes eveything, every forms. The sages say that the world is illusion, which is real only when we think it is real.

In the East tradition this is the ’maya’, is translated as the world illusion, maybe we can say mostly: it is its apparent independence and separation from consciousness that is illusory.

Just remove your dependence on thoughts and eveyone else and it will shine and reveal itself, because you can’t lose. Remove the confusion from your mind. When you don’t depend anything it will reveal itself.



You are where your mind is

We must surrender to the real power who is working in all the activities we are doing and when we not do any activity it is that which is keeping quiet.

The consciousness is like a gold. The ring of gold want to be another somebody for example gold of bracelet or gold of earring. And it identify with these thoughts and forget that the gold is eternal, but the form is changing only.

You see only the name and shape of that ring. Why? Would you like to know and see the truth, the reality? You can see the gold (consciousness) and the ring too.

If we try to accept our suffering saying that everything is consist of consciousness, we create the ego which is enlightened. But how can be enlightened a fictive self? It is not personal… The point is that what point of view see the reality.

The desire to experience consciousness as an object comes from the belief that it is not already here. It means that you identify with body-mind: ’I want to this or that. I need something that make me happy.’

Did you experience the eternal happiness if you do something or possession of something or just was sometimes only a little period? How much energy, time, money did you need it? Was it a good business or just a way to forget the suffering?

You should go directly to the sense of lack itself face to face and investigate this thought and feeling. This is a reality which is in here, now.

You just allow the feeling of lack to be present. Do not add anything to it. Do not try to relieve it with chat, alkohol, drog, reading, watching a film, not do something, not go to somewhere or on holiday, not go to job, not meet your friends etc.

Just simply allow the feeling… The consciousness is already here, so it takes care of everything.


We give our attention to the thinker rather than the reality

There is something that is known that which we refer to as ’I’. You can see the experienced and the experiencer too, buti t isn’t two things in your actual experience. But we focus on the objective aspect only. So, we identify just thoughts and feelings.

We should try to pay our attention to the witness who see everything and not overlook the presence of consciousness. The body-mind doesn’t witness, it is itself witnessed.

That is why we need to be silent because with the mind we cannot transcend the mind. If we use our minds to believe this or that, we have not taken a step on the road. If you believe something without investigation, it is not your experience, your reality.

You just allow the mind, and the body to appear and to disappear in the consciousness. We see the Self as the witness, which is unchanging and unmoving.

The notion that there is a mind which contains fears and memories is itself simply only a thought. And the body is sensations and perceptions appearing in consciousness in fact.

On the reality there is one experience, despite we can find a several way of bodily sensation for example visual perception. All perception appear in the consciousness.



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