Everybody is proud of what they have know and done so far, but we don’t know anything about ourselves

 In seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Mindenki büszke arra, amit tud és megtett eddig, de semmit sem tudunk önmagunkról

Is there any border in the consciousness?

When you hear a sound, do you experience a boundary between that sound and the consciousness that perceives it? Can you see a border between them?

What abou thoughts and another perceptions? Everything is appear in the same place. Have you another experience of it?

Is it possible that your thought is outside? Compared to what? Close your eyes and ’feel your body’ and don’t think of it and labeling, for instance that this is my head, and arms etc.

The sensation that we call body for example, is closer to us than the sounds we are hearing in the distance? A distance is just a thought. Why do you beleive it, if your experience is different?

I’m always here, this is the consciousness. The space is the consciousness.   In your room the chairs is closer to the space than the bed? Everything is appear in the same place. And besides this we can see that the substance of the object that is appearing in the consciousness is also the same. Just look at it.

So, the consciousness is everything which  is identifying itself with an object (body-mind), it seems to become something, somebody.

Ask these question and find out the real answer by yourself. Watch your tendencies, watch where it rises from and where it goes. You must focus on what you want. A liberation, joy, happiness is it?


Mind is the attachment

Forget the past, simply look at the mind, change your old habits which lead to suffering. ’I’ is the subjective element in every experience. We don’t know what’s this exactly, but it is exist and we can experience it.

We believe that the body-mind are ’me’ and ’I’ the subject and that everything else is ’the world’ and that is the object, but the body-mind is known. The consciousness can’t be known as an object, which is always present and it always knows itself.

We clothe reality in name, but what happen if we remove all labels and see the reality without these? Forget the past, everything and look at it without judgement and concepts, what do you see exactly?

Past is past, don’t care for that and the future is also the past. What we experience in the past we project in the future. Remove your head and open your heart.


All defining qualities belong to the realm of the mind

We are defining everything and all defining qualities belong to the realm of the mind. It is the mind that seem to separate the oneness of consciousness into two parts, into ’me’ and ’other’, such way born the thousands and thousands things, object and subject. It is the duality.

If we remove time and space from experience, we are left with oneness of consciousness. It is the real existence.

We can see that in dream state when we sleep, the mind creates the world of dream without space. Consciousness recognise that it projects the world within itself.

Therefore only a confused mind think that there is happiness elsewhere. We shuldn’t identify with any name of form and when we haven’t name and form we will realize that we have never come and go in the time and space.

The true happiness doesn’t come from another person, not even from God, happiness comes from within. If you learn to be quiet, not allowing any thoughts and feelings arise from your mind, you can see it.


How can we control our life, how can we do this or that?

You don’t touch the problem, just see, you are presently perceiving all the time, and you must to do, it is find out who is always asking for help. Who is it? There is a voice in your head which is always says something. Is it reliable? Is it always true what it says or it is just mixed thoughts and feelings?

Who believe in this voice? What your voice say about this point who is the witness? When you listen to the voices in your head, it is also observable. Just, do not identify with your thoughts and feelings. Do you know what I mean?

Just the observe is stable, the thoughts and feelings come and go in your head. Observe just this neutral space. Do you create this state: joy, happiness and peace or it is appear by itself?


There is a shift from person to presence

Everybody can feel the ’I’ but we mixed it the person. Don’t do anything about your problem just try to observe for a little bit. You can observe that situation so you aren’t in the problem, situation, you are out of that.

Can it die the consciousness? Don’t come back to your mind. Is there distance between  you and consciousness? What is real the constant consciousness or the always changing thoughts and feelings which appears in the consciousness which is the background?

’I’is always present in every experience

That is the consciousness. There is an eternal presence and it is not personal and in which all apparent states come and go. In deep sleep there isn’t time, because it isn’t mind, but actually the apparent states of waking and dreaming are modulations of this one presence.


As water takes the shape of wave, the consciousness is shapeless the same way

The empty space is the presence of the background which is empty only from the mind’s point of view, because in this space you can’t find any objective things.

Consciousness doesn’t change when the objects change, likewise water  doesn’t change when waves do it, because it is the substance of objects.



We get our happiness just from our concepts

If we can describe it, it is not happiness, just a picture from mind. Happiness doesn’t come from another person, but it comes from within.

If you investigate yourself maybe you will stir it up, but you will see, what would you remove exactly. This is the first step if we would like to be happy. But we generally would like to have objects and subjects, but is is just something which vails our suffering. When you diserless the happiness comes. You don’t need anything…


How do you handle fears?

You can see that actually there is a fear and besides the resistance which is sometimes a thought only. So, you can watch the fear like an neutral experience without by-product which make thoughts and feelings.

So, how can be work the psychical suffering? Experience of fear is not the real problem it’s your resistance to it. We can say, that the fear is neutral and we create the suffering to it with a single thought. ‘I don’t want to do or feel this or that!’, like a child who doesn’t receive a lollipop and that’s why they have a hysterical attitude.  At the end them suffering so big which they created… That’s all.


Thought never describe our experience

The thought is always describing the not now, so it is appear from the past. But the reality is always the presence. We can’t describe the presence in a real way. That’s why we like art.

Experience can’t be put intoa concepts. The consciousness is always exist, but how could it be that it is not be conscious of itself all the time? There are no objects and subjects in deep sleep but the consciousness is always exists.

The time and space vanis and when you say: ‘I slept well’ it just a thought after when you wake up and switch on your mind. This is in the future, but when you sleep well you don’t know anything at all about yourself.


And if you say: ‘I slept badly’, it isn’t true, because you can realize this is only waking state or dreaming state, not deep sleep when you vanish and don’t feel anything like pain and anything other.

In deep sleep we are more closer the really truth. If there isn’t object and subject in deep sleep how can we say anything at all about this? It cannot depend on these things as the consciousness is independent. Every experience is the shape of consciousness.


The consciousness is always in here

The consciousness does not exist in time, because it is beyond every category at all. This is a basic of everything. If on the Earth wouldn’t live people do need the category of time for the animals?

The consciousness cannot be the outcome of practise, because it cannot be created. It is always exist if you want or don not want it. So, you cannot lose it.

There is a space and it has no size, there are no species there, there isn’t inside or outside and everything is appear in it. It’s not the man or woman there. Nobody lost it. It is always here. It is all the same if you close your eyes or open it.  It is the consciousness. It is the source from where all things arise.

If just step a back a simple way you can lose your struggle, because you don’t identify with your thoughts and feelings.

When we born, everything is one, but consciousness becomes a fragment, a ‘me’ and ‘my mother’, and the ‘the world’ and so on and thus the search begins and we will be a seeker.

We forget our nature, which is always exist and in it appears all experiences. We forget that we are rich, but we are rich and we imagine and we dream that we are poor.

The problem is that which creates a thousands and thousands years seeking, ideologies, heroism: we don’t watch the all consciousness, but we identify with an imagened limited self and we totally belive that it can help us. See, that it is just images and see everything from the consciousness, because this is the truth.


How far ’I’ is from consciousness and freedom?

Everybody can become Buddha, the only thing that is needed is that recognise that you are the consciousness. You are the eternal ocean and not a drop of it. Let your ego alone, because when you want something that you don’t get the ego will make you a problem.

When there is no thought you are free. Do not stir a thought from your mind. If you have a real experience of this, nothing will ever disturb you. If your mind goes from one place to another just watch it as a witness. Don’t stop, just keep watching.


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