The existence are one, and there is only one reality

 In my experience

Hungarion version: A létezés egy, és csak egy valóság létezik

How we can transmute negativity?

We are so involved with negative things (thoughts and feelings) that we couldn’t even recognise it. We must take a step back look at ouselves, see every thoughts and feelings.

Be aware of your all thoughts, feelings just step back observe this tendency and don’t identify myself with it but don’t reject it. In this way you will be weakening this tendency to arise step by step. But the first step on the road to healing, that you must to see: ’I’m full of anger, sadness’ etc.


You are not an enemy to life and life is not an enemy to you

We have the lots of aspiration and desires but what the life want to exactly? The emptiness is to dissolve your separate identity. The meditator wants to reach that palce which you already are. The person an aspect of consciousness, but the consciusness is limitless.

If you picked up the identity of person the struggles are going to come for the person. And the troubles is servingyour weakening too. Consciousness is not an object and it is not an experience someone is having.

All trobles in life, all the suffering, stress, fears, depression and projections is due to one thing and that is ego. The ego means that I think that I’m this body, and the doer of my life and the thinker of my thoughts.

Do you know what will be the next thoughts in the next one hour? No, you just experience in your consciousness the spontan appears thoughts. You have a thousands of thoughts appear every couple of hours and nothing at all can stay in your mind. Everything is coming and going with your image about yourself too. Who knows this? What is constant for you? Can you be the witness of the person?

If we have a strong feeling or thought we must stay with the consciousness as much as possible to find again that neutral place too. Let them play, but I don’t touch anything at all. This is the ground you need it. All the same that you see positive or negative thoughts, feelings, just watch it.

When you are not at all interested in, and you shift your attention to the deeper awareness then this things don’t matter and go away.


Understanding is not created by process in your mind

Perceptions are made out of your mind. Look at it! Just try to take away perceiving from the experience of the body and besides the world. And see that what objective qualities are left of them. Nothing.

If the consciousness is withdrawn from the mind, the mind vanishes totally, so there is only consciousness. The consciousness cannot be perceived, because it is empty and it is too close to itself to be able to see itself. It has no objective qualities.

The consciousness cannot be perceived as an object, that’s why it hasn’t a limit. Minden határ csak a tudatban jelenhet meg.


The pour awareness always remains untouched

Very often we are back in personhood, identify with our thoughts, feelings again and again and it is normal. But we must be strong and be aware of it. The life can testing you in this way. It is not enough, if you know this, you must put this on the practise, attitude.

The person like a form is perceived in the greater formless awareness itself. You cannot put words to it, but something moves deeper in you.


Many people are dictated to all kinds of things

One of this which we don’t know, it is the addiction to thinking. It can strengthens the sense of self. That’s why we need self observation. See the things what it means to perceive without interference of concepts.

I’m writing you this article, but it is secondary what is primary is the experience the consciousness on the background. Can you feel it and aware of it?

The Universe is one consciousness perceiving itself through all these different forms in different ways. You could call it reality, God etc. We are the microcosmos of Universe so we also do the same like Universe. The Universe has an outward movement first and then it has a return movement. The people also wake up at the morning and go to bed at night it is the same movement.
You need to be a balance: it is a creating and not getting lost in your creations. You should see it and besides this, do you know what the Universe wants you to do?  Ego wants to possess something, but the non-ego creation uses you as an instrument by Universe.


The worship and fear go together

You can find the single Self and maybe you can feel worship for it. True worship is the spontaneous love of Self, but sometimes worship is coming from the mind, because they say if you don’t worship you will go to hell.


Can we trust our thoughts and feelings?

We not trust our opinion which is subjective and the thoughts make the feelings. We can only trust in truth, in reality. There is a consciousness and the thoughts and feelings can arise on it, and you can observe it. This is the objective attitude.

If you have an intuition it is usually pure because it is another category. It isn’t consist element of fear, anger and depression etc. We should see the energetic balance too within. Can you see the difference between your thoughts and real intuition?

Unfortunately the people generally look the reality through the veil of their conditioning. And vigilance is very important in your interactions with people, because in such way you can see it in you and in the others. What is appear in you exactly?

Why do we think that I’am always right and others are always wrong? This is the answer for it. If I think that another person is wrong I can be better and this is the ego.


You don’t have to control anything, do not desire anything… You are just eternal space

There is an eternal space and every thoughts and feelings appear on it. You are the source. The Self. You are not different from that. Evereything is the source.  Just try to investigate this and do not divide into parts anything. If you feel relief, joy, happiness you are ont he right way.

Do not think your realtionship, don’t think of anything , the whole world arises from thoughts. If you do not think you do not need to anything.

If you identify yourself with the Self, like an eternal screen itself, which is the same before, during and after the film you can enjoy them. You can see that if there is a river int he film the screen has no wet from it.  There is no nedd for practise to clean anything just stay with the Self always which can beyond everything, because everything is just your mind’s projections.

When the river enters into the sea , it will turn into the sea. What about if you believe in the reality instead of the mind’s aspect and live your life in this way?

The wave said: ’I always want to ever remain!’ The source is the sea. The separation make a fear and the ego is born, which is only thoughts and we believe it.


Self and reality is in here. This is already here. Always. What do we need besides this? Self, consciousness is earlier in here than body or mind.

There is no different between drop of water and the sea. All drops make a sea. There isn’t a separate self, just appears only thoughts and feelings in the empty space.

Investigate it now, don’t believe what I say and you can see, that it is also only a thought that something hurt you and you must defend yourself or do anything at all. Where is the ‘I’? The pure consciousness mixed itself with a cluster of thoughts and feelings. It’s like thinking of a scarecrow as a human.

But you are the pure space not the thoughts, otherwise how can you observe it? Observation would be out of ‘I’, otherwise you can’t observe your thoughts and feelings.




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