I speak only from being, I don’t speak from knowledge

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, simple meditation

Hungarian version: A létezésből beszélek és nem a tudásból – veszítsük el az elménket, fejünket, önmagunkat és használjuk a szívünket

Lose your mind, your head and yourself

Don’t judge anything. Control is an obsession of consciousness when it identifies. Use your heart, not your head. Forget about all the strategies of your mind to gain knowledge. Cut the power to the mind. And still, you are here, without strategies. You, the consciousness, need this body to continue tasting and experiencing, buti t is not necesarry to identify with it. The body is completely innocent in all of this. Something inside is constantly holding the body as ’I’. If you are doing your enquiry, you should be clear about it. Thoughts come and go. Mind is thought and you are aware of your thoughts. Thoughts, emotionals, mood are no eternal. Something can watches them. We can’t sustain one thought, emotion or mood. You are the one looking, the infinity. But who can survives the enquiry? – lose your mind, lose your head, lose yourself, use your heart

Use your heart

You are that in which mind with all its notions and ideas, are contained. For example, panic may enter your mind. But if you ignore them, you can feel a deeper peace inside. Now you are getting to know how the beingness, God takes care of you. There is a steadiness, a depth in this recognition, and great joy arises without reason. It is not up to you to take care of how things are. There is a natural sense of joy. Even if some manifestation is filling up space, neutral space is not troubled. So, do not use your imagination. Mostly watch your imagination. Because you cannot use your intellect beyond the ’I am’.

There is nothing wrong with thought, emotions or moods

There is nothing wrong with thought, emotions or moods, just some mistaken identification creates this mischief. The ’I am’ is being, the God. So, I can go with the object or I can go with neutral space. It depends where is my attention. How can we find it? Awareness can never be an object. It is before all thoughts, emotions, moods and all happening. We are always searching with the mind the truth, but the mind can only search for an object. Can mind find the subject, in which mind itself appears as an object? When you are not identifying with subjects, immediatelly there is a natural sense of joy and peace. Nothing is happening to you. This is just our game. Do not identify with anything that is holding on. ’Holding on’ is nothing but a thought. This is not you. And thoughts by itself has no power. It is only our belief in a thought that gives it life. Let the thought be there and ignore it. Enjoyment is fresh, the same way you used to enjoy as a very young child.


Attila Cross

Keresztes Attila, a cikkek írója

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