The true teacher is never apart from you

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Hungarian version: Az igaz tanító nem különbözik tőlünk – A Self a legnagyobb segítség és a Self mindig a gondolatokon keresztül nyilvánul meg

Self is the best help

When consciousness identifies with mind, the result is egoism. This is the root of all suffering. We are the witness of ego. When we realise the immutable Self, ego will vanish. Hold the attention in the Heart. Let your life be a steady attitude and application of self-inquiry. Recognising the false, you need not search for the real, for the false is seen from the ground of the real. We can find a teacher, who is never apart from us. And it is wise to seek help until you go beyond the need for help. Awareness, happiness isn’t on the other side of working through any process, for awareness is already that in which any striving is watched – Self is the best help and Self is always coming through

Self is always coming through

We are the unity of being in its dance as existence. The real Self never moves or leaves, being infinite… Keep your attention on that which is prior to attention, which both attention and inattention are perceived, and which is beyond both. If you take yourself to be the body and mind only, you will die. But when you discover yourself as awareness, the fear of death will not trouble you any longer. We fear physical death, therefore we also somehow fear life itself.

We aren’t our thoughts, emotions and memories

Be still and know the ’I am’ presence which is pure and untouched. We aren’t our thoughts, emotions and memories, but formless being… There is a silent space behind the moving mind. Be one with that. Sometimes some fears come up. Look at what this is, at the one who feels this and recognise this also as only a thought. Don’t register this… Hand in all these fears and concepts without reservation. Enjoy yourself as timeless presence. We aren’t the product of an action or a decision taken… The right step is not taken, but revealed through… It is ’I am”. Recognise your own real Self and be happy. We should observe the unbroken silence from which all springs.

Leave your thoughts alone

Do not follow the momentary.You can’t remember any of your thoughts. Leave everything alone. Even the need to control, for one moment, just leave it aside. You can be clearly just be, but to be isn’t an action you will be doing. You can see that it is already there even before the thought ’to be’ arose. Take everything off! Without any addiction, your consciousness is clean… We are empty. All your ideas have been removed now. We are fresh! Who are we without our notions? Should we say anything in this place? All the sounds, the feel of the sun, everything is passing but there is no story… The mind creates the story. Our perceptions are fresh. See how you can perceive any thoughts but there is no need to hold onto them nor identify with them.


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