What is the mind power?

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Hungarian version: Mit jelent az elme ereje? És miért nem tud az elme segíteni nekünk, ha meg akarjuk tudni kik vagyunk valójában?

What is the mind power?

Mind is a good tool. A computer, but if you want to know who you really are, it can’t help you. The mind (ego) is an endlessly complicated machine which finds a million reasons to exist, that’s why you can feel that suffocate all this thoughts. But the freedom doesn’t mean you lose your rational mind.

Who is the teacher who can help us?

A teacher is anybody who helps you in becoming more conscious: your lover, your parent, your child, or your dog, the newsstand etc.

How can I know that he or she is the real helper?

You feel something new in their presence. If they help you to become aware of something, open something new… A teacher can help you arrive at the moment when something you had only thought before becomes a conscious experience.

Is it important the teacher?

If you could trust totally and unconditionally, you would no longer need a teacher because that would mean you had let go of your ego. But, if you want to trust, you cannot trust… At one point one realizes that the mind is inappropriate for the task. Besides, no matter how hard it tries. The consciousnes is beyond the power of mind and all explanation. So, the teacher teaches something that is unteachable.

How can we learn this? And why can’t help the mind for us?

How can teach the beingness? Beingness is limitless, endless, so how can we possibly find an explanation?

Okay, then what should I do?


What do you mean?

Listen, you just ignore every thoughts, emotions and mood which is appear in your life and you will experience this. But you can’t describe it, no one knows, no one can… So, ignore every experience, and tell me who is he or she remaine unmoved before such situations.

I dunno.

You don’t have to know, just stay with it. Do nothing. Don’t identify with your mind (thoughts, emotions, mood). …to explain God, by stuffing our mind with their theories, dogmas, and restrictions. It is not that. This is just reducing God to an object. It is belong to the minds. The teacher tell you something but leave the subject open. We want some conclusion but there is one… The ego, mind or persona, can exist only in a social context. You should rejecting everything you were, everything that has formed… The mind is a wonderful tool for everything else, but the not for awakening. Just observes everything, watching the spectacle as it unfolds… It is the Buddha filed, that is more than enough.

And which kind of religion can help us?

Whichever, but the ordinary religion won’t help you here, because dogmas, thoughts and rituals only add more weight. This is the world of mind.

And what is the life, what’s going on here?

This was just a dream, an ego trip. Now, forget everything and don’t do anything. The ego trip is the repetition of old patterns. We can say desire, lust, greed, are as old as our humanity. What the ego wants is always more of the same… And the direction is clearly marked by our desires, whatever they are: sex, money, prestige, property, power, manipulation… Desires puts we in the future. For the man of desire now, presence does not exist. Nobody can love in the future, because that is impossible. Love is always happening in the presence.


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