We are constantly seeking something and we are waiting for somebody or something

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Hungarian version: Folyamatosan keresünk, kutatunk valamit és várjuk, hogy valaki vagy valami megváltoztassa az életünket, mert boldogtalanok vagyunk – életszerepek, nincs szükség boldogságra

Misconceptions of life roles

I remember when I was an adolescent my family said that I had to study if I wanted to be somebody. I needed a diploma and language exam so that I could make a lot of money from which I could support myself and my family. Because of this, because everybody thought this :), there are now few, skilled workers who are well paid . When I went to college and my class mate said the same – that everybody needs a diploma at the very least -, I asked who will drive the trains or taxis which take us to college, if everybody has a diploma? Because for that you don’t need a diploma… – roles in life, don’t need happy

So, I would just like to say that when I was a student at high school, I just followed patterns of society. I tried to be a normal child, but it didn’t work.:) I identifed with the role of a rocker, intellectual, and disco fan too. Within a few years I lived all of them. I had some relationships, and besides this I studied and I was working too. But my class mates didn’t know, out of rebellion, which kind of role I would identify with each day: disco fan or rocker.:) And it was at one of the parties in high school in a nice green belt area that somebody asked me if I was into disco? Because I was wearing fashionable specs, which every disco fan was wearing – which was quite different from my attitude the previous day -, I answered like this: I took off my specs and I said „now I’m not a disco fan”, and then I put on my specs and I said „now I am a disco fan” and I repeated this a few times for a minute.

And gradually I could see my whole life and I realized I’m not a robot. I can go anywhere I don’t want to follow other people, but of course I can if I want to. Many people can’t see that they can choose. I was searching in religion and psychologyfor the meaning of life. And then I started to meditate and watch myself: my feelings, moods and thoughts with which I always identifed. I was in a lot of spiritual circles and some people with a healthy lifestyle found me. The majority , just wanted to make money and set up new markets. Or they just spoke like a parrot without having the basics. What they said missed intelligence it was like a role, in the same way that I had played the rocker, disco fan and so on.

There are many paths, but the truth is very simple and you do not need to look for several years, playing new roles

I got to know yoga, parapsychology and another alternative solutions. But finally, I saw that, for me at least, this was also a new role and that we are seeking something and we imagine that we are ever cleverer. We don’t feel we need awareness, money, recognition, a big family, but knowledge. But our ego is working just the same from within in the same way, it just wears different clothes. There isn’t a big difference.if we are hungry do we dream about food for ages and speak about it, analyzing the menu, if we want tostop being hungry? Or do we go into the restaurant, maybe we make a sandwich and eat it? The mind adores diversion, because it can maintain its existence, its false image of oneself A beautiful girl will come, and she will change my life, or get a super job for me, or a lovely, nice big house, lots of beautiful children, recognition and so on. It is this way in advertisements, and we know that it is not reality, but we like to fantazise about this.

The truth of religion, philosophy, spirituality and transcendental psychology under – don’t need happy

And then all at once we can see the depth and we can see the simplest things which are the final message of every religion, philosophy, spirituality and transcendental psychology: we are not what we experience, but we the person who sees all these things, someone who is untouchable;
the space within which this comedy happens. And life graciously sends us suffering until our minds understand that life is living us and we don’t live life. We don’t guide this, mostly we resist. Because we always want another thing instead of what we have, and that’s why we always live this life as a life and death struggle. Instead of this we should stop this and let life unfold. Remember, an experience like happiness is not the truth just a feeling, it comes and goes. We don’t need happiness, we need a recognition which is constant, not just a feeling.


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