Who is living your life? Ego, mind or you?

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Hungarian version: Ki éli a mi életünket? Az ego, az elme vagy mi magunk?

A solution if we are not attached to anyone or anything

The natural and simple way that is felt and confirmed when the mind is not interfering any more. Let everything go! It is all the same when we feel stress or depression. Do not be willing to touch anything… ’What am I without all these things like emotions, thoughts, mood etc.?’ If our attention goes elsewhere we see that sometimes it feels fine, but in many times our daily life the problems appears again… Why? Because our attention goes elswhere – ego, mind

Do not touch the feeling that you have lost anything. Let everything happen as it does. It is not difficult. A good way when the sense of ’I’ as the doer of actions and the thinker of thoughts falls away and is replaced by simple being. When we discover who this ’I’ is, we do not need to ask any more questions. The world as it is experienced through the belief in ’I’ as person and we have a lot of imagination ourself from the projections of humanity. Somehow beingness is manifesting in such a way that it seems to be suffering into identification as an individual. So, the question is ’Who is the I?’ We will speak about our feelings, self-image, our life story etc. But who or what is it that notices them? This way we can find that source in ourself, while the noticing is happening. Something is unmoving… We should stay with it.

If we feel sadness when we go deep into the inquiry

Inquiry brings mind back to zero, to the bare ’I am’. Personal identity is thinning away by the force of introspection, so fear naturally comes. Now some old stagnant sting arises with a kind of new-found appeal. It will linger as long as it captures your attention. Be confirmed in this over and over again. If you keep the attention on the unassociated being and ignore the pull from the restless mind, it will starve and lose its influence over you, the reality.

Ignorance, knowledge, and pride are all untrue – we do not need ego…

The tendency to identify with an ’I who does something’ is also a thought. The habit to identify oneself as a person is a reflex in the consciousness. It does not matter if ego comes. All beings are initially covered with ignorance, the main cause of all evil in the world. Knowledge is power; spiritual knowledge without inner realisation is one of the worst powers. Ignorance, knowledge, and pride are all untrue…

Some say that the ego is necessary to be in the world. I don’t think so. All manifestations of life, variety, contrasts, etc., necessarily create the sense of an ’I’ in order to experience the sense of other, distance and time. Time and space are necessary constructs for things to appear and to have movement. This is the limitation. In the consciousness makes us up and identifies itself with its own illusory projection, and then suffers the identity.

Why? Why and why? The mind ask…

The question ’why?’ is irrelevant. We do not need it… It is just operate our mind. Do not think the mind will help you. Thoughts, feelings come and go, being does not. We are the witness of thoughts. As long as you identify with ego, you miss the obvious – your own formless presence. It cannot be found, it is simply is. We don’t actually know this… because it cannot be known either. We are it. Be still and observe.

Anything, mental or physical, appears, floats by or swims through your consciousness and we are the witness of these things. All are one. Don’t pick up any notions.




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