Truth be told: you cannot find yourself because you have never been separated

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Az igazat megvallva: nem találhatjuk meg önmagunkat, mert soha nem voltunk önmagunktól elkülönülve – szabadság gyökerek nélkül

Everything is experienced in

Human expression is always hungry for something… As long as a body is present and the vital force is there, the sense ’I am’, along with other thought activity, will be there also, so any attitude of setting a goal is misleading. We put all our attention, efforts and energies into becoming the best someone we can be. Do not fill your mind with thoughts, techniques because it suffocate your spontaneity. Do not stick any label on it. The joy arising from knowledge of the Self is impersonal. It will arise by itself. Enjoy your life as a gift from life, as an expression of God. And who says Jesus or Buddha so different from you? But, can you experience anything if the concepts of separation is there? – freedom without root, truth be told

Recognise that which neither comes nor goes 

The false self needs lots of practise, but whatever the mind must go through can’t be avoided. It undergoes some apparent maturing, which is not a quality of the Self, but is most important. So, forget yourself and be happy. The one you do not see is the real, and pain only exists when there is sheltering of the ego. Remain without self-image and there will be a joy that does not belong to somebody. Just be open, completely empty. When the limited self merges with the universal being does the real life begin and life is not merely a personal journey… We should rest as neutral awareness. Stay as one with that which casually notices all appearances to be superficial sensations occurring in and as mind.

Freedom without root

The aim is the same: transcend the mind and ego identity. The freedom, truth isn’t a concept. All thoughts which arise within the beingness are not what we are, but we are aware of them. And the freedom is not one’s direct experience and the awakened person respects all ways of being, all forms of devotion. They are free from feelings of judgment, pride etc. Do not imagine anything about the freedom.

Truth be told

In our dreams we see a world full of diversity, but consciousness manifests as diversity and the perceiving of this diversity. Anything that you can describe, all your ideas… Allow yourself to be undone. Just be yourself, do not suppress your dance in order to play some role. For example, if you feel sadness or anything else, if you stay only as the witness of it, it will not be so terrible. Don’t interfere with any expression, welcome it. You, the Self, are not in the sadness; the sadness is in you, so you are earlier than this… Something feels, but all these are thoughts. Do not judge, just look. Something is stirred up, but also something is not.


Attila Cross

Keresztes Attila, a cikkek írója

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