You can’t travel home, for you are already there but unaware of it

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Nem tudunk hazautazni, mert már ott vagyunk, de nem vagyunk rá tudatosak – Isten (vagy Buddha) felülmúlja a megértésünket vagy az emberi értelmet

Mind is just useful for practical functioning

Duality is necessary for manifestation to happen. When beingness manifests as mind, it falls under the spell of its own creation, but mind is just useful for practical functioning. When we try to find our real SeIf, personal identity is thinning away by the force of introspection, that’s why sadness or fear naturally comes. But, it does not matter if ego comes. The habit to identify oneself as a person is a reflex… Be aware of this! Happiness or sadness is a kind of feeling, but who is the ’me’ that feels happiness? It isn’t an object. The mind capable of observing this, so it can’t be the same as the mind. Attention itself is a quality of the mind, and it is also being observed – God is beyond our understanding, God is beyond human comprehension

Consciousness, timeless – which is unmoving, effortless -, doesn’t have to hold onto a history of itself. This is not a teaching, the mirror helps us to remember what we are. Do not pick up any notions. As long as you identify with mind, you miss the beingness… So, thoughts, emotions come and go, being does not. Perceiving will still occur, but intentions are not needed… Mind is coming, but you do not have to go… Don’t think the mind can help you. Put your attention just on the sense of being which is natural. Soon, it will become natural to be and to know you are the Self. We should keep quiet, do not judge, do not fight, let it just happen.


Let life be

You exist before knowledge. All forms appear later… Hand your existence over to existence… You needn’t embrace the moment, but allow it full expression, remain as the silent awareness. It is the mistaken idea that a person can do or undo anything. We say: ’I’ m happy or I’m sad.’ etc., but you are who is aware of both when they arise! This is the real Self. Be there where you already are, in that undividable place, before thoughts. Do not touch the idea you are missing something. You have nothing to get, nothing to do. Good or bad, I have no need for them.

God (or Buddha) is beyond our understanding or human comprehension

It is more important to know who you are than to know who God or Buddha is. God is both personal and impersonal, is and is not… Then you can enjoy him as love, father, mother, friend, presence, beingness etc., you see the person’s creation is also God’s creation, all is God and God is fornless, beyond everything. You are the sentience, which is the same, but the real sage is within you. It isn’t your mind and when sage is here, mind is not. All existence is occurring in empty awareness. Everywhere they go, people carry their image of personality. It is the ego… Forget yourself and discover your Self. Be empty, it dissolves the personal idea of self. The unreal is changeful, learn to observe this ego. Do not touch any idea about past, future, truth, success, happiness etc. And you can see that things are not happening to a ’me’ anymore… This is our pure, natural state, not an experience. So, we shouldn’t evaluate it. Your real Self is not separate from God.



Attila Cross

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