Whatever your attention grasps becomes your experience

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, seek for the truth

Hungarian version: Bármi, amit a figyelmünkkel megragadunk saját tapasztalatunkká válik – Isten valódi megtapasztalása

Find the one substratum of all states, the one that is unmoving… – real experience of God

There is no way to be, you are… We should enjoy the show. Life is ugly and beautiful and much more, but there is no need to hold onto any state. Unfortunately you suffer trying to stabilise the ever changeful. So, do not look with the mind… Some unconscious tendencies may keep our attention, which leads to a state of agitation. Stop thinking that you produce yourself… Go beyond all association until you alone remain without a personal self. Is there a you who lives your life? You should find who it is that sees things in that way. Now, you identify with body and mind and take these to be yourself. – real experience of God

’Me’ is the unreal self

The seeker must develop the habit of observing, without identifying with the phenomena arising as mind, because the sage’s mind is empty as space, free from personal identification. You live well without mind. Mind makes all your trouble, so many projections and desires, it is never ending… Do not imagine, do not think, just look the beingness: ’I am’ which is just impersonal presence. Later we identify with the body and feel ’I’m this or that’. We think, we are the ego, that’s why we always want something from other. The problem is not the role itself, but the belief in it.

Everything comes to the surface of mind, you must be there to perceive it. Who is the ’I’ who notices the things? This is the real question. Something is able to notice them. Who or what is it? We should find our source, because all things appear from it… Everything that needs to be done happens more efficiently when the sense of ’I’ as the doer of actions falls away. Don’t touch the feeling that you have lost anything and you will experience a great freedom… Let everything happen as it does.

It is your attention that goes elsewhere

Sometimes you say: ’Here there it feels fine, but out there in my daily life…’ No, because that which you are can’t go. It is your attention that goes elsewhere. There is one who dwells here is untouched. No habit is stronger than you. When you are not attached to anyone or anything, you can feel: No one doing or undoing anything – all happens by itself… You need introspection, because you must find out what this ’you are’, meaning ’I am’, is. There isn’t anybody who can say what beingness is. There aren’t maps for being. Life dances and it requires no story teller – which is the mind -, it simply is.


Attila Cross

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