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Hungarian version: Egyszerű „boldogság- gyakorlat”, melyet bármilyen szituációban tudunk gyakorolni – keleti-nyugati pszichológia, pszichológia napjainkban, boldogság gyakorlat

Psychology today

Today, particularly in Europe, we are always doing something, constantly running from one place to another. What happens if we never stop? And what happens if we stop for a few minutes and think about it? If we never stop we will eventually become sad, anxious, agressive etc. We need a method which can help us. For example, we can learn meditation in order to be happier, more creative, have more energy, we won’t be so sleepy or lethargic, and we will feel fulfilled.This does not depend on our circumstances, we can find a place within us which is always full of joy. This is the way of meditation a practice older than 6,000 years. – east-west psychology, psychology today, happiness methods

When we do a lot of things in life, we think that something is missing but we do not know what it is exactly… We have a lovely family, big house, car and career, but we feel something is missing. Or we are seeking the answer to what the meaning of life is or why we were born here etc. I think meditation can help us and we don’t need to do it all the time. In psychology there are many aspects and methods to find information regarding personality development, but I would like to write about a viewpoint which we find in eastern psychology which can show us our real face. For example if I decide that I want to be a better person this is a way to, observe myself objectively and let go of unnecessary things. So, everything which is not me disappears and I do not have to play a new role I will just be myself, that is all. I need to adopt a new habit which can change my life and my point of view.

We can find ’happiness-methods’ if we want

I have studied a lot about psychology and I always look for interesting methods in this practical science. I have also studied the ancient scripts and found many things which can help us. I have met several people and searched for a technique which can help everybody, because there is a lot of illness, but there is only one health. We have to persevere, and find a good method which can change our lives. I would like to describe a method in this article, which can help a lot of people.

East-West Psychology shows us Happiness

If we study East-West Psychology we will find some interesting things. We can find a strategy which may help us to find happiness. First, we must find a spiritual practise. It is all the same whatever method we use,the important thing is we must keep practising. The problem is that, if we do not feel happiness immediately we drop the method,and the teacher, but, if we keep practising, we can find happiness. In Eastern Psychology we can find a method, which is objective observation: we should observe everything in an objective way, just observe… If we do not identify with everything and just watch our life story we can experience good things and bad things, but if we can observe everything, we can find a natural space in which there is real happiness which is not dependent on anything and that’s why it can be constant. So, we just watch everything in our lives as though events are happening to another person. Don’t identify with your thoughts, emotions, moods etc. Just observe yourself in an objective way.

I think this is a good technique to practise meditation in an easy way. We don’t have to believe anything we should simply decide to practise this for about 2-3 weeks. We can practise during work or while doing the houswork, so we do not need a specific time to practise this method then we can decide whether or not it is working for us. But first, the person has to put in the practise and after this make a decision.


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