Forget yourself and discover your Self

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Hungarian version: Felejtsük el önmagunkat és fedezzük fel a Self-ünket – boldogság, öröm, ego, szenvedés

The real happiness and joy which is not depends anything

Recognise that which neither comes nor goes. It cannot go… Every thing what we perceive in our meditation, we cannot be. They are all expressions coming from the sentient source, but they are not stable. We shouldn’t identify, we shouldn’t judge with them. Not do anything, just being. We shouldn’t identify even happiness, joy etc. Don’t throw it away but don’t identify with it. There will be a happiness, a joy that does not belong to somebody. The joy is our pure Self. But first we have to forget ourselves. The happiness, joy of being cannot go, which is formless, not a result… Every other joy, happiness is must go, because the person cannot stay here – happiness, joy, ego, suffering

’I feel like I’m going to lose everything’ – don’t touch your ego

When we try to meet the truth we often meet some dormant tendencies are exposed, so everything comes up to the surface. The untrue is coming up and it is not pretty, sweet feeling, but it is normal. In this experience it will burn only what we are not.
Everybody try to rescue egoic identity, they try to understand, to analyse what went wrong, they asking, ’What is happening to me?’. The ego really are completly useless, but we as the Self are fully free. We should keep quiet. The ego tries to protect itself and we feel like a victim in our own mind-manifested story. Just be open. Forget yourself and be happy! Life is not just a personal journey. Who knows how can we manage our life? But when the sense of the personal, limited self (ego), merges with the universal being does the real life begin. Only in pure listening, when the attention is fixed upon the formless being.

The solution, practise which can help you – suffering

We are not the mind and ego, we are that which watches this sense of contraction. So, we can easily swings towards trivial things as the ego struggles to keep out of the view of the deeper witness. Rest as awareness – neutral and untouched. Whenever or whatever the attention goes, bring it back to the unchanging Self. Gradually, it can stay here without effort. The true Self being natural, needs no practise… but the ego needs lots of practise to become somebody. Whatever the ego must go through cannot be avoided, but we are the formless witness only, the unchanging reality behind the moving mind. Many people have heard and read about this, but the truth it point to often stays only in the mind and intellect. We shouldn’t keep on collecting more and more knowledge. What do you experience exactly? Where are you now?

If we belief in God but it is a superstition or can we experience this? The truth can be direct experience… We should transcend the ego identity and its influence on the being. For the one who knows, nothing happens. We just have to remove all arrogance.

Happiness, joy is not a concept

Happiness, joy is not a concept, it is where all concepts end. There is something in you which is effortless. We should realize this. It does not have to try to be, it is just is. All things which arise within the beingness are not what we are. We are aware of them. Anything the mind produces is only temporary. What is your emotional state now and the tomorrow and ten minutes ago? We cannot remember any of our thoughts. Everything is transient. Don’t associate or combine yourself with anything at all. It is not an action we will be doing, it is already there even before the idea ’to be’ arose. We can see it.

Let’s begin with all our concepts, what we have studied, what we beleive… We collected in our mind these images. All our projections, our lovely dreams, our memories, we also have to take. Take everything off!



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