Let everything go and stay only in the emptiness of Self

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Hungarian version: Engedjünk el mindent és maradjunk a Self ürességében – pszichológia, boldogság, öröm, tudat, tudatosság, harag

Happiness and joy

The true happiness, joy is beyond language and intellect. Just don’t touch any idea about progress, future, self-evaluation and don’t expect anything at all… What remains? Emptiness and happiness. You can see, there isn’t any effort… This is our natural state. How many miles or kilometers do you have to travel? Give up these kinds of thoughts. The happiness, joy is here… Always. Is there any difference between the joy of sexual union, the joy of a politician wining or the joy that arises in meditation? No, the joy and happiness is joy and happiness, which is timeless. So, do not fill your mind with instructions. Any attitude of setting a goal is misleading – let go everything, let go psychology, happiness, joy, consciousness, awareness, anger

Let go everything, let go psychology

Enjoy the all-encompassing film called life with all its tears and laughter, desires, dreams… Be yourself and remain open and quiet as much as possible. Don’t try to let it something and remember you are the seen, and it’s beyond everything. The work will become increasingly spontaneous. What is cannot perceive itself, being already one with itself. We put all our attention, energies and efforts into becoming the best someone we can be. But it is not freedom. Instead follow your heart’s promptings. Enjoy with joy your life, as the dance of cosmos while remaining throughout as the formless seer. When touch you the sense of autonomy, there manifests, almost spontaneously, a feeling that something is lacking – a sense of fullness, a sense of fixedness. It may be felt in different ways, like correct fix something, a need for healing… It is deeply-rooted in the human psyche. After that we feel ’I have to let go everything, because I need another thing.’ So, ’something always missing.’ But it is just a though and we identify with it. This is the problem. We just have to let go the thoughts.

About consciousness, awareness

Why is our mind always wriggling to escape the obvious? We have to understand that way of avoiding is also the play of consciousness. Consciousness plays as everything, as each and every role in the entire play of creation. Consciousness pervades all that manifests. We are the perceiving of the perceiving which happens in the unspeakable. You are untouched. We have to leave aside the idea of waiting for something to happen. Don’t carry anything with you. Everything that we can describe, all our ideas, thoughts, leave them aside. Stay as what remains. See for yourself, at very moment try to catch hold of ’I’ and take a good look inside and see what it is made of. What you are searching for is where you are searching from. Nothing can stops you, except the idea that something stops you. It will come true…

We have to deconstruction of all mental and psychological strategies. The mind works perfectly when it is not clinging to identity. This is the most auspicious opportunity, at the highest possibility for total seeing and clarity to appear, but resistance often arises and takes centre stage. Allow yourself to be undone. Rest yourself here and now, in the very source of your awareness, in its silence, in its fullness, in its emptiness. Nothing remains to be understood.

About anger

There is a feeling. You shouldn’t say ’I don’t want to feel anger!’, just let anger have space to be expressed. Stay only as the witness of it. It will not be so terrible. There is no need to manage anything. Your Self are not in the anger, the anger is in you. There is enough space for every expression and you are earlier than this. Sometimes we are functioning from a reactive consciousness. You can discover that deeper space of Self and stay there. We shouldn’t judge, just look. The inclination of the egoic mind is to think something terrible is going to happen. And don’t turn back. We are the invisible within visible. The visible is our temporary aspect.



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