The life force flows effortlessly: about my experiences and seeking

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Hungarian version: Az életerő áramlása erőfeszítés nélküli: a tapasztalataimról és a keresésről – áramlás és a neti neti jelentése, definíciója

About my seeking, it was the first step

When I was young, 14 years old, interesting thoughts appeared in my life many times. For example I would just watch my dog and from the silence came the following: ’A dog will not differentiate between a happy and a troubled child.’ Or: ’Do not wait for happiness to find you; you need to find it.’ And when I was 15 I sent this aphorisms to an editorial and I published my work. And I can remember in nursery school the effect that watching another child had on me and I wondered how meeting other children might effect me. So, in grammer school I started to find the truth, the meaning of life – neti neti meaning, neti neti definition, flow definition

I didn’t understand that everybody is always going from one place to another and working a lot. Why? Is this everything that happens to us? So, I studied the religions and I met some priests too, but it was too theoretical for me, I felt that I needed practical things… And I remember that there was a time – I didn’t know when, maybe in my last life:) -, I just did something, every day which involved no thinking… So, I found some interesting books about meditation. I joined some groups and I started meditating. After that I met interesting spiritual people and practises and as well as this I started to study psychology and parapsychology. I started to give lots of public talks about this topic and I wrote a lot in newspapers, I also spoke about this on the tv and radio etc. We learn about this from each other…

It is not the Truth – neti neti: meaning and definition

I could see seekers of happiness identify with their daily roles…Seeking the truth and the meaning of life has become a new fashion… You shouldn’t identify with your life situation, because it is not you. If you see another person in the street, is it you? When you feel something, or think of something is it you? Or are you simply the witness of them? Maybe you forget that you do not need to identify, with everything. For example we identify with every role, even when we play a board game. Why is it important for us? What happens if you win or lose? Nothing. What can happen even though it is very important to us? Because we always identify with our role depending on it’s importance, like a boardgame…

So, in your temporary life, you can be a doctor, a teacher, a father, mother, rich, poor, Christian or Buddhist you can have good or bad qualities, but this is not your real Self. It can change… There is an interesting article, with a game about this: An image of you is not you. What is meditation? Simple meditation techniques, exercises and zen buddhism

In the Vedas, we can find information about the following: what you describe is not the thing itself.. Because Beingness is unfathomable and indescribable, but you can experience this. Are you outside of Beingness? No. Can your mind see infinity? No. Can you put Beingness into a cup or vica versa? , But the mind melts into Beingness and you can see, that everything is one and everlasting. But everything that you think or speak about this is just a thought… Not reality, but this happens in reality. If you speak about something it is just information, not the real thing. If I say something about you is it you? No, it is just information, in addition to subjective information about you. So, if you say something it is not the truth, which is indescribable. That’s why the ancient texts say in Sanskrit: ’neti-neti.’It is neither this, nor that.’ So, if I ask you: ’who are you really?’ and you answer something it is not the right answer, because you feel your answer before it reaches your thoughts.

The real flow definition

That’s why Seung Sahn Zen master said something which is very important, and you should try to put in this into practise whenever you can. He taught that Zen is not about achieving a goal, but about dwelling in the realm “before thought” – and serving others. So, it is not complicated, just our mind trying to guide our Self. That’s why Jesus said: ’I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me.’ – John 14:6
If you try to practise meditation the mind dissolves – which is now working as a filter between Beingness and you -, you can experience this, because everything is one and does not refer to a feeling if we melt in it: We keep waiting for something to happen. Why? And who are you really? – 2 simple openess meditation techniques
W hen we seek something we are unhappy, we feel that we need something. We identify with a thought or emotion that we have to be another person, we amass lots of things: money, objects, feelings, sex, fame etc.


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