Constant longing, making comparisons, and seeking covers our permanent happiness 2/1.

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Hungarian version: A folyamatos vágyakozás, összehasonlítás, keresés takarja el az állandó boldogságunkat – megoldás a cikkben – advaita védanta, advaita filozófia, szenvedés értelme 2/1.

Dear reader, why are you reading this article? – advaita vedanta philosophy

In our life we experience good and bad things. We hold on to the good ones and we cast the bad ones away. And then we get angry with God as to why so many bad things happen in our lives. But what if God is not an object, not an uninvolved entity, but a subject which is the source of beingness. And we should find this source, which is a part of us and we shouldn’t examine the things that arise from it as good and bad things Why should we seek God? Perhaps, we feel that we don’t want to suffer or fear death, or we don’t want to be anxious, and feel stressed depressed or lonely etc. Haven’t you experienced these feelings at times? Why do we read articles on these topics if we are not seeking something, in other words we are unsatisfied with what we have… – advaita vedanta philosophy, meaning of suffering

The basic concept causes our suffering -the meaning of suffering

The Advaita Vedanta is part of the Vedas, which is the most ancient script of spirituality –and from which all religions derive -, and it points to the truth in a simple way; directly without mystery. This isn’t a religion that is a life-style creating an object of us and using lots of notions to imply sublime things, but it can show you the truth. Now. Let us look at it in the dialogue:

I’m often unhappy and I don’t know what I should do with myself, in order for it to cease. I have read a lot about this and I have used lots of techniques, but I always end up here. Personality development doesn’t work in my case.

Accordingly you have created ’yourself’ and the ’reality’, so, you split yourself into three things.

Why have you deducted this?

Because you say ’I don’t know what I should do with myself’ it means that there is a self who wants to do something with your other self. Besides this there is a reality. Do you know what I mean? It is because you identify with your mind which is the hotbed of suffering. Your mind means all your thoughts, emotions, moods and states, but it is not your real self. personality development uses your mind. But, if you want to be really free, you have to watch those who are beyond all these things. Until you clarify this, you hypnotize yourself with your mind that’s why you will naturally suffer.

I do not understand exactly, it is a little abstract for me.

Of course, because your mind is full of expectations, even when it asks somebody for something it has expectations too. So, if it doesn’t receive the good answer which the mind wants, it might become upset. That is why the mind projects its expectations onto reality. For example you go to holiday and if you do not see what you want you will be uptights thus denied the reality. In this case you want to change, or correct the reality, instead of the image about this which you created, in this way you can hang onto this illusion. But, are you interested in the truth and freedom or your subjective expectations which cause suffering?

The truth.

Okay, then check this out. If you learn not to identify with your mind, then you can see, that you are the truth, the reality and the beingness and God. And everything is That. There is no seperation, there is nothing else, just That.

Do you think of meditation? When I want to achieve a state of not thinking of anything?

No, this is concentration not meditation. I would like that you do not put the solution in the future, but listen to this information which I want to tell you so that recognition can appear.

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