Constant longing, making comparisons, and seeking covers our permanent happiness 2/2.

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Hungarian version: A folyamatos vágyakozás, összehasonlítás, keresés takarja el az állandó boldogságunkat – megoldás a cikkben – advaita védanta, advaita filozófia, szenvedés értelme 2/2.

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I do not understand exactly.

This cannot be understood, just experienced. But to us intellect and, science are the first. But beingness is constant and the interpretation of this appears later which is subjective, because it splits reality into a subject and object, but reality does not work in such a way. It just is… So, the mind just trys to grab, and interpret that, which was already whole in its own way. But, how can you describe the indescribable? We cannot describe an emotion, just imply it… And it is not a problem; if you do not understand that the sun is shines for children and for you, even if you do not know why or how it happens. But, people have become arrogant about their so called knowledge and devalue other people and things… That is why the Vedas says „He who knows does not know, he who does not know knows.” Learning is dead, and real knowledge in turn appears from a higher intelligence spontaneously, if we look behind the intellectual mind. This is intuition.

What can I do to experience this?

Here is the paradox. To achieve something in life – for example you want a career, family, big house etc. -, generally you need effort. But, to realise that we are the Self – as a hindu calls our real self -, for this we do not have to do anything. It doesn’t mean that everything remains the same, just that we do not listen to the mind and we do not fear death. If a thought appears, a sensation or a mood, we just let it be and it flows through us. We do not resist this, nor depress it, so we do not add or take away anything from it. And in the meanwhile behind this, with a little practise, a permanent space like the infinite sky is created. It doesn’t matter whether or not there are clouds in the sky, it always exists in the same way. We can recognise this – not do or create it – and it is our real self, the Self.

Is this the same as what Jesus said (?): ,Let it be as you wish.’

Actually the truth is one. It is all the same whatever kind of religion we read, which has been born from truth. But, if the mind adds its thoughts, opinions or translates it in a bad way – because there is no personal experience -, then it can be distorted.It is a nice prayer, when in this state we do not give God instructions on what he should or should not do, but as the mind thaws – the filter -, the sunshine penetrates and reveals itself. Thus it is visible, and it turns out it was just the sunshine and suffering appeared only, because the mind was detatched in this. Like Katho-upanishad says the Self reveals itself to, whoever is selected. Intellect, namely an arrogant mind cannot reveal it… but never mind this, just practise what I have told you whenever you can.

And what about those who don’t care about this, what about them?

Who knows? Maybe, he or she hasn’t suffered enough, perhaps they sleep too deeply to recognise these words and identify them with his or her self…


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