We keep waiting for something to happen. Why?

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Hungarian version: Arra várunk, hogy valami történjen. Miért? És kik vagyunk valójában? – 2 egyszerű egység meditáció

Oneness doesn’t refer to a feeling

You always want to do something if you identify with your-self… Sometimes we say: ’we are all one together.’ What is this ’we’ that is one, and one with what? We should not dismiss this experience, but the feeling of oneness and peace does not go around collecting all the beings to bring them into the oneness… Oneness doesn’t refer to a feeling that I’m the same as all another person. ’I’ is a psychological entity, which carries a feeling of independent… That’s why the wise say: ’I’m not seeing the world as it is, I’m seeing the world as I am.’ The Self doesn’t see other… When you speak about ’I am’, what are you observing? The ’I am’ is the ’subtle body’. ’I am’ means I exist. The ’I am’ must be here before any knowing can be. This is the mistake: you experience a ’me, my’ etc. and you know of the ’I am’ – oneness meditation, simple meditation techniques, who are you really

Who are you really? Who is behind this whole manifestation?

The ideas, thoughts have cut you off from the true self. Unfortunatelly we do not know that we are the Absolute… We say: ’What happen if I give up my control?’ Out of ’I am’ everything is manifesting, but existence is looking after our body. You can see the energy in your body, which is a mistery, but do not try to solve it, just observe it…Fearing the unknown, the mind arisees out of the truth… In the next step – after observation – you see, that observing implies that there must be at least two: the observer and the observed along with the functioning of observing. I ask: who is this ’I’, the observer? The apparent distance between yourself and the reality, is only the distance of a thought.

Meditation is a tool which can help you to experience who you really are – 2 simple meditation technique

How can you put this into practise in your daily life? Like this: Easy ’happiness-method’ which can be used in any situation – east-west psychology, psychology today, happiness methods

Remain as the Self! Stay with it, gradually, the intensity of thought activity will fall away and only the Self will remain. It is a passive rather than an active focus. Another way is to ignore each thought as it appears. Or you can obser the observer. Apparent block is only another thought… Do not accept this or that thought. Do not identify with any thought. You should no to move jump to conclusion. When attention is fixed on its Self, division can’t remain. I said, Oneness, Self, Peace etc. doesn’t refer to a feeling… There is no question or questioner left. The natural state of mind is to be silent. You do not need to practise silence, find silence, keep silence etc. Everything is happening in silence, in peace. You and the Life, Peace are the same. And it does not take time. Feeling stuck is a simply a thought believed in. You should remove this belief…


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