When you can bear your own emptiness you are free

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Hungarian version: Mikor képesek vagyunk saját ürességünket magunkkal hordozni, akkor szabadok vagyunk – mi a valóság, „csendesedj el, hogy megtudd én vagyok Isten”, mi vagyunk azok, az „Én vagyok” jelentése, egyszerű meditáció

What is reality?

Do you have some problems, haven’t you? No, this is just an idea because it is impossible for the Self to be apart from you, except as a projection. And when you feel it, everything is all right. But who accept this statement? You’re identifying with the ego’s experience and that is why your projection is working… Something inside you knows there’s nothing really to be found in the outer world – be still to know that i am god, you are that, what is reality, i am meaning, simple meditation

But, you are the Self. Whatever happen your mind turns or your body acts, it is possible to remain as the Self. This witness you are right now and have always been. You can feel, that we cannot choose, but the existence chooses always… Just, stay as you are. You will see: ’I don’t have to stay here or do anything’ and ’I don’t have to keep this’ etc. It does not require any other support… The Self that you are, is already here. It can’t come and it can’t go, but nobody can achieve it. It is natural. And not the movement by itself, but the belief in for this movement causes blindness. You are holding onto the concepts of who you think you are, and you believe in your mind. Go home empty, because as soon as you turn your attention away from your Self towards the experiential world you will feel the pain and separation enters your consciousness. Your self, ego is born…

I am meaning – simple meditation

The ’I am’ is not personal… The ’I am’ that is witnessing everything is one factor only. There is one for the first time ever… You can find it always. This one who has the story is what? The identification with the body arises as a ’me’ identity and says, ’I’m doing this or that.’ But that is also seen. This is thought. This is the first identity. What arises first out of the Beingness is the feeling ’I am’? Find it and stay with it. All sentient beings have that feeling… This is the consciousness. So, unlike the primary ’I am’ that is pure after that you identify a lots of things… The mind appear. And you say: ’I’m the body.’ When it is strongly attached to the ’I’m the body’ feeling, then it arises as a special personality. It perceives manifestation, but in deep sleep, ’I’m’ is gone. So, if you give it any consideration at all, you believe that this non-experiential state is exclusive to the sleep state. But, everything is part of the Beingness.

You are that – be still to know that I am God

The highest knowing and experience is: ’I am nothing.’ And besides you say: ,,Life is constantly supporting or not supporting me.’ No, the wise say: You are the life. What about there is not ’life’ and ’you’. If there one who can ’have life’? There is nothing ’other’ to report on. An image of the truth, never the truth itself… You aren’t an active part, in fact you’re the Seer. But the mind always find all sorts of justifications why it is okay to ask something in your life and it can kills your peace. Besides the mind can betray you and tell you: ’This is a sign from God.

This is your oppurtinity. Take it!’ etc. But this is just rational thoughts, but not the truth… It is like you have to be very quite to be able to listen to pick out the voice of God. The Bible say: ’ Be still to know that I am god.’ If the initial fears that come are not allowed to tempt you not to follow the counsel of the familiar mind, an immense feeling of peace and life will be revealed to you. The mind is afraid to taste discomfort and will try to put obstacle in the way. You say in your life: let what comes, let it be… In that way all that is untrue is left behind. And when all the support has left you, you will receive great surprises. Abundance in every way can come… You are not depending anymore.



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