We feel we can take better care of ourself than God can

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, manage your emotions

Hungarian version: Azt hisszük jobban tudunk gondoskodni önmagunkról, mint ahogyan a gondviselés (Isten) tudna – a szabadság érzés technikái, test és lélek

We shouldn’t speak from knowledge, we should speak only from being…

We should forget about all the strategies of our mind to gain knowledge and understanding. Cut the power to the mind. This is the only strategy, if any needs to be taken… And still, you’re here, totally here… Use your heart, not your head. The ’I’m’ cannot express itself without the form. ’I’m’ is the life… – freedom emotional technique, body and soul

We cannot use our intellect beyond the ’I’m’. That’s why don’t use your imagination, imagination is watched. Who you really are? Who is still thinking? Many of you fear to question beyond the intellectual capacity of the mind. We think this or that, but all of this is mind (knowledge which consist a lots of information), just thoughts, not the reality, not the life. We are that in which mind with all its notions and ideas, even madness, are contained. There is nothing wrong with thought, just some mistaken identification creates this mischief… ’I’m’ is the being, un-mixable, pure freedom… We are to discover the truth, and you who discover it, and to whom it is revealed, are it itself.

We aren’t just the body – body and soul

It knows that the body is impermanent, that it can be injured and is subject to pain, sickness and ageing. So, in identifying as the body, consciousness also feels that it can be harmed or die. We, the consciousness, need this body to continue tasting and experiencing, buti t is not necessary to identify with it. Without identification, the body will still be there, and this obsession with control will fade. The body doesn’t know it’s you… You know, the mind must have something to threaten you with to hold you hostage. The fear is always greater than the actuality. When we let go of what we think will make us happy, we allow peace to breathe, and great and beautiful things not even imagined of are given space to happen. Everything is consciousness… Maybe we are an effect and not the cause of consciousness? What is left out of our research? What are we experiencing in the final analysis of seeing? If we’ve done our enquiry, what remains?

Just keep quiet. Let it happen, let it be…

For a while, you may find that your life’s routine is nothing like a routine anymore. Panic may enter our mind. You are held in God’s palm… Please don’t worry about having to take care of yourself. You will feel a deeper peace inside that is not easily disturbed. You are one with everything, but you are not touched. Resist the temptation to formulate any conclusions. It is the mind that is fighting to retain its hold. The mind is eagerly waiting to welcome your return. It is not easy, buti t is only for a limited time, only for as long the life needs to appear some old patterns… We should shift the focus of our attention on space rather than on the objects that appear in space. We focus on the space within which this play appears… So, I can go with the object or I can go with space. If I chose the object: mass comes… But if I go with space: peace is present. Then it must be subtler, because it can even watch space. Being consciously conscious of awareness, is an action we cannot do. It is simply occurring, it is before all happening. I’m using concepts in order to remove your concepts… You are looking for something, but you are already looking from here.

We stay with this recognition, we have come to a beautiful place where we are not picking up anything. Appears something…it comes and goes. Let the objects appear and when we are not identifying with objects, there is a natural sense of joy and happiness. Mind itself is a thought. Seeing is taking place, and the seeing becomes empty. Don’t identify with anything that is holding on. These are all just ideas. You are only worth meeting when you are not…

’Freedom means I will be in constant bliss’ – freedom emotional technique

These fantasies trap use in a continual spiral of separation. There are many thoughts like this swirling within… But thought by itself has no power. This is the secret: it is only our belief in a thought that gives it life.




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