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Hungarian version: Negatív érzelmeink azonnali kezelése – pszichológiai hírek, pszichológus

The mind decides how you will feel about yourself: good or bad – psychology news, psychologist

We have a mind which can create negative emotions for us if we don’t know how it works like with a car if we don’t know which is the accelerator, brake etc. What will happen? So, in this article I would like to show you how you can manage all your emotions in an easy way. But, first I will speak about our mind, which is like a computer, it can solve our problems – manage your emotions, psychology news, psychologist.

But it can work too much of the time and we experience that we always meet monologue and dialogue. Always, because when we go to bed and sleep we also meet them. It creates the trouble. The mind (the computer) is a good tool, but we have to use it and not inversely, have it use us. If we can use it in a good way, we will be happy and successful, but if we don’t know how to use it, we will be sad. In psychology there are lots of solutions, but I would like to describe a new practise which roots are in the past. You can see for example people have practised meditation for more than 6,000 years. So we have to utilise this knowledge and experience and to find a solution which can help us now.

You can manage your mind in this easy way – manage your emotions

So, there is a consciousness which is constant and all the emotions, thoughts and moods appear in this. And we identify ourselves with them, but they are always changing, because these are not permanent, that’s why we feel suffering. But this it is not us, we just experience them. If we see somebody at the corner they are other people, not us… So if we see any emotions or thoughts or mood, we should handle these like they are not ours. They are only emotions and thoughts which are always changing. But what is permanent? We must find THAT. And exist in THAT aspect. So there is easy and effective method which can transform your life. You don’t need time and anything for it. Just watch your thoughts, emotions and mood as objectively as you can. Don’t say: ,,Oh, it is a good or bad thought or emotion.” ,,I don’t like this”, „I like this.” Just watch them throughout the day. Don’t desire to be happy or calm, just watch everything happen. At first it requires concentration, but eventually it will become natural. As a result you will feel peace, harmony and happiness. You should watch these emotions too as they also come and go. Just keep doing it for one month, and don’t doubt it, and after you can decide whether it has helped you or not. It’s wiser if you develop an opinion after you have practised this method rather than before.



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