You are not experiencing suffering, you are suffering your experiencing

 In Angol nyelvű cikkek, manage your emotions

Hungarian version: Nem szenvedést tapasztalunk, hanem szenvedésként éljük meg a tapasztalatainkat – a szabadság érzés technikái, tudatosság, éberség, a létezés értelme

The wise is one with the natural flow – freedom emotional technique

We don’t have to understand. This is the presence of grace itself. Our nature is That… And it is not attainable, it always IS. All advice does is put tasks in front of you before we have even begun our enquiry – freedom emotional technique, awareness, beingness meaning.

The wise is one with the natural flow of manifestation. He or she is no longer identified with any object, emotion, thought or person. They are remain naturally free. But the mind is confused and we can’t understand it. This is natural. It is even simpler than simple. A lots of concepts are picked up by the mind and that’s why you suffocate our spontaneity. Tell me, how can the mind find or reach that which is not an object? You know, all phenomena are objects. Where are experiences without we, the one who percieves them? But unfortunately people generally are searching for fulfilment of their projections, because the mind only pretends to want freedom. The freedom kills the conditioned mind. For freedom we have to leave aside and undress ourself of all our conditioning, projections and we have to remain naked… When we are seeking the freedom, we are not only helping ourself but other beings are helped automatically, as well. Find out, what is the essence of that which you call yourself. And confirm this for yourself and know it deeply.

The world as you see it reflects who you think you are – Beingness meaning

Everybody has experienced peace at some time or other, but it never remained. We put so much energy to keep the wheel of positive thinking, of self-understanding… This is a lots of energy. And if we rest for only a short time… We start again. But can you find this one, who do it again and again? We don’t see the world really as it is. We see the world as our conditioning allows we to perceive it. We see what our conditioning and our attention directs us towards. This means that the world as you see it reflects who you think you are.

You are perfect as you are

Beyond the all possibility and concepts… We can find our real nature… That peace, the mind can do nothing to or about, because it cannot be added onto nor taken away from. It is perfect as it is. We can carry the world weighted on our head or we can dance… A willingness is present, to simply discover with your entire being what your mind is trying to avoid. You are what you are… You must watch for the thought giving you the sense that you still have something to do. Why we accept these types of thoughts? Stop creating or holding an image of yourself. When the personal ’I’ has dissolved, still a sense of ’I’ remains. This remaining ’I’ is impersonal. We shouldn’t search for anything through what we think we know. But our education won’t support this… Leave everything alone and be alone. Everything is thought, but thoughts cannot exist without you. We are the witness of them…

Whatever is perceivable is changeful – Awareness

Everything else will leave us, but we have a great opportunity to discover the truth of our existence. We recognise that whatever is perceivable is changeful, it appears in front of us; it comes and goes. But that which observes this is what? This isn’t a mental question…
We are is not affected by activity of mind or body. Awareness is no feeling and so it is beyond good or bad feelings. Awareness has no location; it makes no difference if we are at India or any place else in the world. We are one with the awareness…

The roles we play in life are filled naturally and spontaneously. You understand that everything that comes and goes is part of a package deal. Remove all doubts and then you in turn can be an ambassador to your own freedom.




Attila Cross

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