The happiness is not a complicated thing, you don’t need a PhD

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Hungarian version: A boldogság nem komplikált dolog, nincs PhD-re szükség hozzá, de szükségünk lehet egy stratégiára pl. így… – a boldogság felszabadítása a pszichológiai rejtelmek bősége révén

I would like to clear up a few things. What do you think of that? What is your philosopy, your solution to problems, your lifestyle? – happiness unlocking the mysteries of psychological wealth

Does everyone need the same clothes?
Why would we think that there is one solution which works for everybody?

Do you believe in the truth or experience?
The truth is not an object which we can buy. If I believe in something it’s not the same as if I know it, is it?

Are you always thinking about things?
Have you noticed that we create a lot of complicated situations, because we are always thinking about something.

Have you ever experienced moments when you were alone without thoughts for five minutes, when you were walking around? Do you want to think or act? Maybe, fear blocks us and this negative energy manifests itself in our thinking. That’s why, we start thinking too much and yet everything remains the same nothing changes.

We have to learn using our own resources. If you can find the right method for you, for example meditation, you need only 15 minutes every day and a sofa.
Have you got these? Okay, then, just do it!

Please think about these…




Attila Cross

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