The mind must not stay as our leader

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Hungarian version: Nem kell, hogy az elménk maradjon az irányítónk – „vagyok, aki vagyok”, félelem nélküli, elme, ego

Fearless and the real ’I am that I’m’ practise

’I’ or me, this is not original to you. Remove it. When we are in the very beginning, without any addition, in this moment, our consciousness is clean. Here we are empty. All your ideas have been removed now. Can we keeping something that we should have handed over or everything is fresh? Who we are without our notions? – I’m that I’m, fearless, mind, ego

The mind must not stay as our leader and all your perceptions will fresh. Perception is clean and clear. Maybe some fears come up, do not register this as real and it will return to silence. Take a deep breath in this, feel your being in its emptiness. Are you suffering? Be genderless, beliefless, historyless, concept free. Where is the end of being? There will come a time when no more question will arise for you. Only the light of pure awareness… will shine in you. I am one with presence, timelessly unchanging. We should recognise our real Self. We are not our memories or conditioning, thoughts, emotions. Observe the unbroken silence… Rest in presence and know ’I am’ is pure and untouched. It is without identity. It is free from fear.

Once it is irrefutably clear that I am that in which witnessing of the world takes place, that I am not that which is perceived, that I am beyond all forms and modifications.

About mind and ego

Do not any longer indulge the fickle tendencies of the ego-mind to stray towards meaningless chatter. We should curb the power of the latent tendencies by resisting again the pull to go with the mind and nostalgic or sentimental behavior and habits. When consciousness identifies with mind, the result is egoism. We should be the witness of ego, and we shouldn’t do anything, just watching… And when we realise the immutable truth, ego will vanish. Do not indulge any sentiment towards the ego. Recognise the false, we need not search for the real, for the false is seen from the ground of the real. Awareness is not on the other side of working through any process, for awareness is already that in which any striving is watched.

It is found that there is simply discovering but no personal discoverer. It is not enough that you believe these words… We must discover this by experiencing it for ourselves. The one Self alone shines inside the body as ’I am’. Be quiet and see what is there to be discovered. It is beyond action and activity. Who am I? Are there two entities acting as a single being? Which is real? The mind cannot help you. Forget about the answer and dive deep into the question, because all answers come from the mind. Find out what the ’I’ is. For a moment, don’t fix anything. I am, I exist. This is the most natural recognation and knowledge. We can see it, but no one taught this to you.

There is no need to control or suppress our thoughts

Feel how it is to be simply present in this instant, without holding onto any intention. Keep inwardly quiet. There is no need to control or suppress our thoughts. Let them play without your involvement. Remain empty of intention. Stay neutral. Any movement is just happening by itself… All is arising (thoughts, emotions), but your self is not aroused. That which is effortlessly aware yet unconcerned, that is your real self. Not behind nor in front, nor above nor beneath, for it is not another phenomenon. Check inwardly, but don’t collect any answer or clues; an answer would and could only be an opinion, an idea or another concept. We should turn the attention away from objects towards the viewing subject. It cannot be found objectively. We love our problems and cannot bear to be without them.

The questions cannot be answered by the mind with any lasting satisfaction. Life doesn’t owe you anything. If we think we create some sort of split, a separation… We think we know so much, but what do we really know? Can’t you just let yourself be in the space of ’I don’t know’. Can you simply rest in that natural feeling of being, beyond separation?




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