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About non-duality, which is the single indivisible reality

Duality is the belief that our world culture that is divided into two essential ingredients (to the outside and inside). But, if you look at it you can find only one eternal beeing. Of course your body, emotions, thoughts are always changing but who knows it?

We beleife that there is a mind and the world with materials things. According to the non-duality there isn’t separate things as mind and matters.

Everybody has a package of consciousness but is not objective. Namely we live in the same world, but even so everybody experience a different reality.

Our mind is just our feelings, thoughts and images and our body. The non-duality refers to the recognition that what we essentially are if we don’t divide and labeling the reality.

This is an ordinary experience and not only enlightened sages have access to it. You can call it God, which is the ultimate reality of ourselves.

Everything is objective quality: thoughts, feelings, memories etc.  but what is that knows and aware of our experience? This is the objectless direction…  the path of truth, the source of itself, the essence of meditation and prayer.

’I am and my father one’ or ’I’m that I’m’…  So, ultimate nature of the universe essentially are the same.

And that quality of ’isness’ is what is referred to here as existence which is eternal behind the body-mind.

In the psychology we call it introspection. And in the Zen Buddism we find similar method when we use this question in meditation: ‘What is this?’ or we are just watching the space. And in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhism we find the Dzogchen meditation, when we don’t use the mind, just there is a witnessing, a contemplation, a silent ‘isnessing’. You can find this way in the advaita vedanta too, like the question of ’who am I?’ and so on. And the enlightenment, liberation is the same in the christian culture, it name is illumination.

Pythagoras said: „It is the best to stay silent or to say something better than silence.”


The nature of experience that we are one

What is the love? We feel that there isn’t distance. We can merge int hat way with a landscape too. So, everybody experience the non-duality.

I’d like to speak to how we can move directly towards return to our natural beings. If we being aware we can see that there is a nacked experience without shape and color etcetera.

The thoughts and feelings are always coming and going but there’s one element  of experience that always remains present like a background. This is what we call ’I’. It is cannot go. That is the real.

Without this you can aware of our feelings, thoughts etc. and it will bring you from one place to another. So, this is the first step that we recognize that I’m the presence of awareness. And every emotions, thoughts appear on it. Just stay with it.

The mind can sink into the awareness.  The mind relaxes back towards its source and it is in gradually divested of it.

This is the same for everyone. In it you can see the thoughts, feelings, sensations and so on. But this space is neutral and it is never changing.

This is our essential nature and all living being experience this. The fundamental nature of our Self must be the same as the fundamental nature of Universe. We experience the same consciousness with people and animals.



Unlimited Self-aware being

This is unlimited, colorless, transparent and so on…

So, we should to return to our naked, objective being which is the background without emotions, thoughts. This is the peace, joy, we are the source of it.

And if we go the more deeply on it we realize that this is all one with every experience. That is the consciousness.  It is not philosophy, we can experience this.


We are right now already

A lots of people feel that they have to travel on a path from where they are to where they want to get to. This is a part of the mixed conventional materialistic culture, but you don’t have to overcome obstacles before you finally reach what you really are.

You need a simple recognition of what we already are. We don’t need to create this or changing as we can’t take a step towards ourself.  And we also can’t take a step away from ourself too.

What is aware of our experiences? You can see and say: ’I’ve always been, but I had mistaken and identify myself for a cluster of thoughts, feelings.’ This was called sin, which is actually a mistake, it was just misinterpreted.



How to handle your feelings, thoughts?

When the mind is strong we unable to focus or sleep. You should bring the mind back to its source whenever you can do it. This is the space of peace and joy. It is a formless awareness itself. Stay with it. How can you do it? Just ask yourself: am I aware of myself without any identification.

Stay as the witness, and do not identify with your emotions and thoughts. This is the real self-inquiry. Any effort comes from the mind and it just confirm the ego.

The witness is always here and there isn’t a mystical thing. The mind has a lots of opinion about that, but it doesn’t matter, just do it, now! It is very simple, the witness is the consciousness.  We have to just stay with it.

The place of seeing that is the witness. You don’t need nothing to get. The witness is not personal. But if you feel that you  want to be better, it is personal.

Whatever happing to you whatever your experience you are the perceiver of it. You are the witness, that’s why without the witness nothing is experienced.

And the desires brings attachments. Don’t desire and don’t reject anything, just remain as the Self. Don’t do anything.

We have to do so many things with our life. We want to do this or that etc. It is fine, but none of them can make you really happy. Pay attention just to your Self.

Forget yourself, you are the witness only, not a person and it is always pure.  Stabilize the witness not in the person.

You don’t have to add anything. Everything is just a projection of body-mind. Everything is unfolding spontaneously. The peace and God the same.

Just simply looking… not creating, not imagining. It is not a paranoid observing. And try it now, and doesn’t matter what your mind is saying.
Don’t believe in your opinion, just experience it. Sometimes we have a strong identification with things, but the life is just happening.

The witnessing is not religion or spiritual teaching, it is nothing special. Who observ that your identify with things? Find it and stay with it. If we identify with our thoughts and feelings we will suffering in one point.

All that is happening in these contemplations is the clear seeing of the pure nature of experience. This is not an intellectual understanding, a philosophical theory. Rather, it is the direct knowing of ourself, a formless presence.

We can see what is appearance of the mind, the body and the world. If you do this investigation, you can’t find object, because everything is one.

What is the true of my experience in this moment? Everything is naturally go away your thoughts, feelings, your things, but ’I am’ is eternal.

Don’t remain on a board of sinking ship. Whenever you can in an easily way just shift on the position of witness.

Everything that is known is known through consciousness. If there woudn’t be consciousness, we can’t experience anything and we can’t see this. Therefore whatever is known is only can appear in the consciousness only. Without consciousness nothing can happen. But the consciousness itself cannot be known as an object.

We don’t know what is it exactly but we can experience it. The eye cannot see itself.

Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourself and we are unaware it, but what is the absolute truth which everyone can experience it?

We believe that we are the body and mind too. We were born and will die. So we believe that we are the subject of our experience and everything is the object and consciousness is personal and limited.

This is fact: we never experience anything outside experience. We need consciousness…  Without consciousness how can we know that anything is exist?

We should investigation into the nature of reality. The nature of reality is whatever it is. What is your relationship with it?


Everything is consciousness

The mind have a lots of belief and assumptions about life and the result consciousness has veiled itself from itself in fact, because everything is consciousness.

The mind and body and everything is the modulation of consciousness and it is still available for anybody. This is the real knowledge, what you don’t have to learn from books, articles:). You experience it anytime.

In every spiritual traditions acknowledge that there isn’t mind just only thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they use of the falsy mind as a result of this understanding and in this case when we still identify with our thoughts we can use it as a valid tool. But consciousness is beyond the mind and it is our real nature. However we can use the mind to understand its own limitations. That’s why I write this article about this.

Can you see that our ideas don’t correspond to our experience? We begin to experience ourself and the world as they truly are.


Hate never solves hate, only love does

There is a Sufi saying: ’Hate never solves hate, only love does.’

When we are reading about atrocities, it doesn’t matter where, hungary, USA etc, we are reading the same story… Only the locations change but man’s inhumanity remains the same. The main occupation of the mind is to invent rational explanations for the acts that we perform. We repeat the same acts over and over… with technological improvements. It is in our nature.


As long as we remain unconscious, there will be wars

Work on yourself, meditate, yoga, pray, study the work of Buddha, and the other great masters…. that is all that we can do. How could we solve the collective problem if we can’t solve our very own? The divisions of the mind are reflected in the world; when there are divisions, there are wars.


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