There is nothing between you and God

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Hungarian version: Nincs semmi Ön és Isten között, csak az ego: a személyiségről, a gyermekkorról, a társadalomról és a gyermek elméjéről

About personality

According to Jung, the persona is the personality assumed by an individual in adaptation to the outside world. I think ’assumed’ is the key word. When I say, ’This is Attila speaking”, my mind accepts an image that I’ve been carrying for 32 number of years… I am used to those images and project from them to the reality. An image can it be the reality? And besides it what you are reading here is not my feeling, not my happiness, but words that I am trying to distill down into a no-thing – about personality, about childhood, about society, child’s mind

In psychology they talk about divisions in the mind (Freud), attributing some impulses to the ego, some to the superego, and some to the Id. Beside this they talk about the conscious and the unconscious. But all those divisions belong to the mind. Don’t get me wrong, those classifications are useful when talking about the mind, but the being contains all those aspects, including the mind.


About childhood and child’s mind

The mind doesn’t know harmony but swings like a pendulum. There is nothing between we and God but our ego, but as a child soon learns certain behaviour elicits certain responses from the parents. The child trains the parents as well, but the difference is that the parent is stronger. What is happening in a child’s mind? ’How can I induce my mother to give me another piece of cake? Perhaps a smile will do it. She wants me to be a good boy.’ But what does it mean?

I’m trying to show you that the ego, our personality, is a social phenomenon. Good and bad are social concepts. Our rational mind and our concepts of good and bad, are all parts of the ego. The sage Shakespeare said: ’Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ This is the mind and the natural Self gradually disappears under this pressure. Society’s structure is built on the ego. I’m not saying that conditioning is wrong which creates the mind and ego, because it is absolutely necessity, and we have to go through it, then, step out of it.

About society

What is a politician? A man with a very big ego. Can you imagine a humble politician? The politician is nothing but a public reflection. That’s why people vote for characters. And the system cannot be anything other than what it is. Society is only our own reflection. We are jailed and kept prisoner by our very own self-image. What is the problem exactly? It is that our identification with the personality…

For example, if from early childhood you have been conditioned to believe that you are an Arab, then the Jews are your enemies, or, conversely, if you are a Jew then the Arabs are your enemies and you are actually ready to die for that belief, which resulted from a mere accident of birth. It wasn’t your choice to be born as a Jew or Arabic…

You have fallen into a situation, and now you think that you are the situation, no, you are just a watcher… So, you are not a robot. An Arab or a Jewish robot. Then this image is manipulated by your society… You forget that you are a human being, and reduce yourself to a standard.


Attila Cross

Keresztes Attila, a cikkek írója

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