Religion and religiousness are not the same thing

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Hungarian version: A vallás és vallásosság nem ugyanaz a dolog és a tudás csak felhalmozott információt jelent. Az Ön kommunikációs problémája: az elme

You can see, that the religion and religiousness are not the same thing

Religion and religiousness are not the same thing. Belief is something that someone told you which you believed, while religiousness stems from your own experience. In short, religions often are rules, but the religiousness is freedom. That is what Jesus named the Kingdom of God or Buddha named the nirvana. Maybe Christm didn’t beleive in God, he experienced it. We would like to destroy a Jesus or a Buddha for one single reason: simply because we cannot conceive or concede that there is a possibility of some higher standpoint than your own. That hurts our ego – religion and religious, knowledge is just accumulated information, communication problems with our mind

The ego gone, burned away, these beings become one with their creator. And there are two standpoints in the subject. One claims that we need purification, meditation etc., the other standpoint believes in sudden enlihtenment. Buddha says: ’I’m the light’, and in an ordinary state, it is easy to understand why these claims of divinity are incomprehensible. But the average mind is intolerable… The presence, beingness poses an unsolvable dilemma to the average mind. Jesus said: ’Those who have eyes, see.’ So, we are blind to the truth. That hurts. He is talking to a blind man and trying to describe something that the other can’t possible see or comprehend.


Your mind is the filter between you and the reality – communication problems with our mind

We have been conditioned since birth to see things in a certain way, and whatever we see is viewed not the reality. I am not saying this is wrong. It is the fact. We never see what is, but only what our mind is capable of seeing. This is the first problem. And if you want to fix your impression, you have to create a memory. That is the second problem. And if you want to convey your insight to somebody, you have to put it into words comprehensible to your listener. But, these are only words, not your experience. This is the third problem. The listener, trying to understand what another person is saying, has to turn these words back into images. This is the fouth problem.

There is a game, which you probably played as a child. One kid thinks of a sentence, then whispers it of the next kid in line, who whispers to the next kid the same message and so on. And the last kid will say a totally different sentence. It is very funny. So, what happened these words which Buddha and Jesus said long ago?…


The knowledge is just accumulated information

The experience must be direct, it must happen to you. We used to be said that ignorance is bliss, but it is not… That is only a convenient lie. Knowing is organic and alive. Knowledge is accumulated information. We should transform passive knowledge into active knowing. God is the absolute and spontaneous flow of all intelligence. Never stagnant. Besides this, every thesis carries its own antithesis, the religion too, because the truth is indescribable.

The knowledge can be taught, handled, but it can never become enlightenment. Enlightenment is a qualitative change, not in the mind but in your being. What a wise tries to convey to you is direct knowing… Not just information. He / she is only interested in your being. I’m not saying that prayer or meditation may not help, I’m only saying, don’t look for direct consequences. Meditate for meditation’s sake. Enjoy it.


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