Divine communication: communication in higher levels

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Hungarian version: Isteni kommunikáció: kommunikáció magasabb szinteken

The big problem of verbal communications – Divine communication

The big problem of verbal communications lies in language and most importantly, in its dependence on the first person singular (see ’I’m’). That is not the only problem, because every word has a different meaning dependig on the listener, education… For example I think of a car – it is just one word -, but maybe I thought a new or an old, or a red or a white car and so on. Besides the written or spoken word only and not the ’flow of energy’. If you are seat alone somewhere on a chair or next to you another person you will feel yourself another way, despite you don’t speak to each other. Do you know what I mean? – Divine communication, communication in higher levels

God is the ground of all being, he is the only source, the only ’I’. Every utterances came from the same source. When the Buddha or Jesus said something it is come from here. It is the truth, which is not the result of a long thought process and logical reasoning. They simply arise from spontaneous from the the highest intelligence… So, when the mind is empty, you can see the reality – without projections, without emotional confusion -, and you can communicate in the best way.


Communication in higher levels

The master has no opinions, because opinion means a fix pattern, but the life is constantly changing. Heraclitus said: ’You can’t step in the same river twice.’ What is the river? It is just water, which is always changing… There are a lots of forms, but the source is one. That’s why Buddha said: ’I’m the light’ or Christ said: ’I and the Father are one.’ If somebody say: ’I am God’ or ’This is God speaking’ what would you say or ask? ’Maybe you say this: ’Are you crazy?’:) In addition to if you speak to something to God, it’s called prayer, but when God talks to you, it’s called schizophrenia.:)

The master might say: ’Don’t listen to my words, listen to the silence between.’ Or he or she might say: ’Don’t look at my finger, look where I am pointing.’ So, when we think the ’I’ said it, then it is only an opinion, not the truth. The master is talking to our interior but our brain (or mind) does a continuous censoring job on each and every word. We need it, but we should use our heart too.

When one decides to say or do something, the ego is already involved. Talking to you, I must use my mind. When the master is using his will, he uses it through mind, as a tool. So, God can’t talk to you directly, she speaks to you through the tool of the master.


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