Not to know, not to do, just to be – simple meditation and how to stop mind

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Hungarian version: Nem tudni, nem csinálni, csak létezni – egyszerű meditációs technikák, gyakorlatok és hogyan tudjuk megállítani az elmét

’How do I stop mind?’

We are complete, so do not follow the mind flow. So, you should not stop mind, just leave it be like this. You should ignore it and remain… ’I am’ is found to be without form. This is the most natural recognition and real knowledge: ’I am’. Listen to this: You can experience this whenever without thoughts, so no one teach this to you. Simple stay with it and observe the thoughts, but do not touch any thought, emotion of doing something special – simple meditation, how to stop mind

All this is smoothly observed. You do not need to have a power or focus. Remain silent… Stay focused as the neutral observer rather than focusing on your thoughts and emotions, surrounding conditions or problems. Do not tie yourself to any concept. You do not need to greater effort than is required. Then there is no separation in knowing and being. It is beyond action and activity. Is the seeker a measurable entity?

You should recognise: you are here

You are not fully aware of the truth because you have identified the mind as your expression… Stay as the formless, stay in this imageless seeing… Whatever arises is observable and is therefore watched from somewhere beyond. You must be sincere and you can see that all answers come from the mind. Give no attention to the dividing mind and you should not abandon the inquiry… You must discover this what I am saying by experiencing it for yourself. So, it is the idea you have of yourself that apparently suffers. Do not quote from what you have read or heard. Now, you perceive yourself to changeful, as body and mind are. You are emptiness beyond even the concept of emptiness. There isn’t anybody there to assess the emptiness…

Reality is beyond the concept of life and death. We are the one eternal principle, but we have put so much effort into transforming a shadow into an object it is only a reflection of. Interesting… What is the solution? Allow yourself to be completely undressed… I’m not that which is perceived, that I’m beyond all forms and modifications… This is the meditation. You will also discover there is no one personally seeking or discovering. You must find that which cannot pass, because your body was born but you were never born.

Hand over your existence to existence

If you hanker after anything else, you won’t know true freedom. As long as you believe your are the mind is your self you will remain bound by these concepts, but if you aren’t, can knowledge of world or anything else appear? The ’I’ that exists without identity is the natural mind. And where there is strong psychological and physical identity, there is proportionate suffering. ’I’ is created who must listen to the Self and listening to the being is too much… So, we do not need separation, just being… Do not involve yourself with what comes and goes. Should any wishes accomplishments come to you? These will become mere distractions for the ego. Touch nothing.



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