I used to search for the meaning of life

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Hungarian version: Mindig kerestem az élet értelmét és állandó stabil pontot életemben függetlenül az élethelyzetektől

I have written about my former experiences here: The life force flows effortlessly: about my experiences and seeking – flow and neti neti meaning, definition

The meaning of life

When I managed to work in a job and live independently beside my studies I experienced great happiness but I always felt that it did not matter where I was and what I did because this did not give me real emotions or feelings. It is as if everything plays out in our heads because despite experiencing the same things one person will be happy while another will be sad. This is when psychology talks about different emotions, tendancies, upbringing and so on. But what is beyond this? For me these are just assumptions which are constantly changing in this and other sciences. For example there was a time when they said the earth is flat, but now they say it is spherical and maybe tomorrow will they say it is like a carrot?:) – the meaning of life

Speaking seriously, first I experienced that my mood- which was changeable-but exists continuously in one form or another, for example happiness was followed by sadness and so on. I remember in 2005 when I was working as a PR manager for a multinational company I felt that we often did things as a distraction; we feel that we always need to be doing something even if we have no work. Some people work in their own holiday home as though they are a servant. Nowadays almost everybody is constantly pushing their mobile phone, tablet, PC or using the internet for reading watching films and so on. There is no problem with this but it can be a kind of escape from reality. We can see from this that we exist in a world of imagination and thoughts in our heads, maybe thanks to this someone is reading this article. But what if from tomorrow there was no internet or electricity for a month? How long could we bear this in the world of nature and in real life? And how would we feel? How much more natural would it be and compared to what? How dependent would we be on civilizations addictions?

So, back to my experience I noticed that there is a constant ’aftertaste’ in my existence, which is always with me, independent from what I’m doing. And I started to watch this rather than watching events, which replaced this. Seemingly…a lot of interesting experiences unfolded, as if reality had become a mirror but I did not search for the solution in this, instead I went back to the source from which everything is manifest. I watched where my heart was truly pulling me. It didn’t want to remain in this multinational firm, though this had been a good experience

And now I can see there is no problem with multinationals, mobile phones, money, sex etc., because we give meaning or meaninglessness to everything. There is one problem; if we lose ourselves when we experience sensual or other pleasures in daily life and we do not start to research who we really are. Where do we come from, where are we going and what is this whole situation? In turn this is a big adventure, which can give us the end of suffering. In old times this teaching was secret, but now it isn’t secret, and we have a lot of teaching at our disposal and maybe that’s why we can’t find the right one, like a needle in a haystack.


Attila Cross

Keresztes Attila, a cikkek írója

A cikkeimben integrálom a nyugati pszichológiát a keleti filozófiával. Orvosi szaklapokban publikálok és 3 területről van egészségügyi szakvizsgám (keletei-nyugati medicina). 2005 óta dolgozom emberekkel és 350+ a nyilvános ajánlások (sikertörténetek száma) a honlapon.


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