How do we manage our negative emotions, thoughts?

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Hungarian version: Hogyan tudjuk kezelni negatív érzéseinket, gondolatainkat (depresszió, stressz stb.)?

Each day of our life appears to consist of thousands of moments. But if we look more deeply is there not only one moment. We can find a lots of emotions and thoughts. But there is only one moment which is fade away when thoughts and emotions spring out. The moment, the process the one constatnt factor in our life, not the happenings. The moment, the process is the one constant factor in our life, not the happenings. No matter what happens or how much your life changes. We need pay attention to our constant still. When you make friendship with the existence, you feel at home – negative emotions, thoughts, stress, depression.

Negative emotions, thoughts, stress, depression

No matter who or where you are. The existence always as it is. It is not changing. Besides past and future is just thought forms. Can you remember what did you do 3 weeks ago exactly? It is just a past, a lots of thoughts. When the existence is (it is not the same when we think about it) the foundation and primary focus of our life we can feel the harmony, happiness and stillness. And the life is unfold in an easy way. What is more important? The doing or the happiness? The Imagination or the reality? The truth…

The existence is always working and we are in it. We can feel it if we don’t use our mind. That’s all. You just watch what is happen in your life: your emotions, thoughts and mood. And keep the constant moment which is give you the stability. We can see it every moment. All we gotta do is not play with thoughts and emotions. Not do anything, just being. Let it be. Don’t touch anything just watch this play. Existence is at is because it cannot be otherwise. There are no isolated things or events. When your attention moves in to the existence there is an alertness. You feel joy and harmony. The existence is deeper than what happens in it. The existence is deeper than any content that arises in it. You begin to realize how deep you are.

When you engage your attention with anything, you give it life. This is not to say you must not enjoy beautiful life. The play of choice is a natural expression of the existence in manifestation. Be natural, be yourself in every situation with everything. This way we recognise that whatever manifests in consciousness is a momentary and superficial expresion. We are pure and beyond all definitions. We must stay here. Don’t walk away from it. In this way we don’t think, don’t imagine, just look! Stay with this investigation. Mind is being witnessed. What witnesses mind?

We imagine we are the needy ego, therefore, we always want something from other. We believe that relationships will make we happy, which they seem to do, for as long as they meet our projections. Mind is never satisfied. It makes all this trouble, because it always wants more and more. We can live well without mind. We can use it practical things only. The realised person does not hold idea sin their mind. Their minds are enpty as space. We struggle only with thoughts and feelings which have meaning for us. This leads to a subtle state of hypnosis, in which our attention has hooked into a flow of thoughts and feelings.

Being formless, it is incapable of association. Be one with it. You can feel the happiness, joy and peace. This is the fruit of detached or passive observing. It gradually becomes effortless and natural. Don’t limit yourself to any state! Find the one substratum of all these states, the one that is unmoving, undivided by events. I am earlier, subtler than thought and entirely formless. We should stay with it.

Whatever engages your attention becomes your experience. There is a kind of habit. Some unconscious tendencies may hook our attention, which leads to a state of agitation. We make effort to change or suppress the feelings. We have to find who it is that sees things in that way. Go beyond all association until you alone remain without a personal self. We have no control over what others think and do. And the problem is not the role itself, but the belief in it. Stop thinking that you produce yourself. The seer of this is the single reality we are. In emptiness there is purity, peace and complete satisfaction of being. This cannot be understood rationally. In truth, this can not be explained. Paradoxes and riddles exist only for the mind. Just make yourself available. Everything is just now.
Should we not enjoy the happiness, peace, harmony? Why not? Only, there is no need to hold onto any state. We can see an ever-changing life. What is displeasing, we will try to avoid. So, is this a world or subjective play? We identify with body and mind (emotions, thoughts) and take these to be yourself, and so we suffer trying to stabilise the ever changeful. Whatever your attention grasps becomes your experience. The thoughts come to you again and again. Mind grows with belief, intention and interest.



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