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About Psychology: immediate Break-Through With a Brand New Cohesive Psychological Lab

Immediate Break-Through With a Brand New Cohesive Psychological Lab

Psychology Articles

Attila Keresztes

We should learn more...?

The revolutionary new means of bringing together psychology, develops an approach, which puts us outside of our problems, allowing us to laugh at them rather than identify with them. We can lean back and relax and life will no longer be a life or death struggle.

      • Do you lack self-confidence, or do you struggle to fit in?
      • Do you find it difficult to make decisions?
      • Do you feel you are going round in circles while trying to find yourself?
      • Do you have communication and performance problems?
      • You might be experiencing conflicting emotions, repressed feelings, or hiding feelings of distrust, guilt, loneliness, and feeling more unhappy?

We would you like to tell an impartial professional our problems and find an appropriate, practical solution… I believe in the principle of equality and that happiness is not dependent on where we are, but with the right tools we find it within ourselves. So, I give you some interesting psychological articles.

Do not wait for happiness to find you; you need to find it.

Live stream of happiness

I’m not a psychologist or a doctor, I do not have a degree in science, what I do have is an individual attitude to life I have given interviews and published articles … So this is not a psychological treatment and not a cure! Please turn to your doctor with any psychological problems and for treatments.

We are searching for the solution outside vainly, which our inner world then reflects. Anybody who doesn’t learn to manage this, will never be happy with anybody, anywhere in the long-term. This is the meaning of self realistaion. If we can’t satisfy our desires, we become angry. If we can, then repeatedly arises attachment, egoism and pride with the pathological condition of the compulsive thinking. Observe, how in 10 minutes how many unnecessary thoughts arise in you! This strains the nervous system eventually causing disease (see psychosomatic). Here is one of the articles which is available for anybody for free, containing specific methods: Psychology Articles

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which are updated permanently contain practical methods as well

The happiness is not a complicated thing, you don’t need a PhD, but you do need a strategy like this…

You can’t travel home, for you are already there but unaware of it – God (or Buddha) is beyond our understanding or human comprehension

Manage your negative emotions immediately….

Whatever your attention grasps becomes your experience

An image of you is not you. What is meditation? Simple meditation techniques, exercises and zen buddhism


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